The Prophet in Ramadan

Teachings of the Prophet Muhammad in Ramadan ... more

Guidance of the Prophet regarding Eid prayers

I would like to know the guidance of the Prophet (prayers and peace of Allah be upon him) regarding Eid prayers ... more

Dealing with the Current Issues

Dealing with the Current Issues and planning for the future of the Muslims in the light of the prophet’s guidance. ... more

Ramadan and the Quran

In Ramadan, many people embark upon the Book of Allah Almighty in reciting and memorizing, and sometimes in interpretation and pondering. That is only because Ramadan is the season of goodness, when acts of worship vary and people become active after the devils are chained, gates of paradise are opened and gates of fire are closed. ... more

Gifts to those who fast

At this stage I can not find a better gift or greater masterpiece than to present to those who fast gifts from the Prophet of guidance sallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam.... ... more

Ramadan brings us closer

Ramadan brings us closer… How sweet this saying is... How nice the words are... and how charming the letters are…Ramadan brings us closer… But from what does it bring us closer? From obedience or from disobedience? From righteousness or from debauchery? From good or from evil? From Paradise or from Hellire? ... more

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