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Eid and Zakat ul-Fitr

- Playing, recreation, and eating on the day of eid:

These are permissible as long as they stay within the acceptable bounds of Islam. anas said: «when the prophet peace be upon him came to madinah, they had two days for amusement. the prophet peace be upon him has ...
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End of Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr Islamic Holiday

The end of Ramadan is marked by all Muslims going to Morning Prayer services and then the Islamic Holiday Eid Al-Fitr begins... ... more

Eid Prayer

Eid prayer is wajib (strongly recommended, just short of obligatory). It consists of two Rakaat (units) with six or thirteen additional Takbirs. It must be offered in congregation. The prayer is followed by the Khutbah. ... more

The Islamic Concept of Celebrating

The Islamic Concept of Celebrating Islam teaches Muslims how to celebrate the `Eids. On these days, the Muslims take a bath and wear their best clothes.

Even though fasting is not permitted on the `Eid days, yet, the major part of the celebration is not eating or drinking - rather, it ...
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The Sunnah of Eid


1-   Wake up early.
2-   Prepare for personal cleanliness; take care of details of clothing, etc.
3-   Take a Ghusl (bath) after Fajr.
4-   Brush your teeth.
5-   Dress up, putting on best clothes available, whether new or cleaned old ones.
6-   Use ...
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Ramadan Concludes..What happens now?

The end of Ramadan ushers in one of two major celebrations in the Islamic calendar. A day of festivities called Eid ul Fitr. ... more

The time for udhiyah (sacrifice)

The time for offering the sacrifice begins after the Eid prayer on Eid al-Adha and ends when the sun sets on the thirteenth of Dhu?l-Hijjah. So there are four days of sacrifice: the day of Eid al-Adha and the three days after it. ... more

What to Do on the Day of Eid

Some things you should do the day of Eid ... more

Guidance of the Prophet regarding Eid prayers

I would like to know the guidance of the Prophet (prayers and peace of Allah be upon him) regarding Eid prayers ... more


1- We have been trying to do our best in Ramadan in terms of abiding by the acts of worship that Allah loves; now in Eid can we have fun? Yes, of course, we can have fun, we should have fun in Eid, and in reality it is an act of worship if it is the positive type of fun which is ...
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For whom is the Eid?

A religious scholar saw how the people were heedless and engaged in food, drink and clothes on the day of Eid Al-Fitr, thereupon he said: “If those were told by Allah Almighty that He had accepted from them their fasting and standing (at night in prayer), they then should have been in the morning engaged in giving thanks to Him... ... more

Happy Eid, What After Ramadan?

Here are the beautiful days of Ramadan going away quickly. The winner is whoever exploits them in obeying Allah. The loser is whoever wastes them. ... more

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