One Step Closer - Eid

Since 2012-12-05

1- We have been trying to do our best in Ramadan in terms of abiding by the acts of worship that Allah loves; now in Eid can we have fun? Yes, of course, we can have fun, we should have fun in Eid, and in reality it is an act of worship if it is the positive type of fun which is responsible, you cannot achieve fun in displeasing Allah, committing sins brings you only sadness and sorrow, so we should seek happiness through the things that Allah tells us about, that they bring happiness, because He is the One Who knows what is good for us, so don't be submissive to other ways of life that are incompatible with Islam, don't let such ways set the term for you and define what is fun and what is not, No we as Muslims we have our own character that is based on our trustworthy standards Qur'an and Sunnah, with real knowledge about them we can tell what is fun and what is not.

2- If you want a happy Eid, then make it like the prophet's Eid, enjoy Eid as the early generation used to enjoy it, by greeting each other’s, visiting the family, and let children enjoy their time as well.

3- If we contemplate the two Eids that we have, both of them come after great act of worship, Allah is our Creator He knows the nature of Human beings that they need some times out after doing the hard work, but this doesn't mean we make a separation between worshipping Allah and being happy, we don't give up worship to be happy, in reality in Eid we come to new acts of worship one of them is feeling happy with maintaining the previous acts of worship that we did, so it shows that our feeling of happiness emerges and comes as a result of fulfilling our duty towards Allah, and that we are obedient to Him, putting in mind that this is the reward from Allah in this world, and we are still waiting for the greater reward in the Hereafter, so we are happy with the Mercy and the Grace of Allah, and this is the thing that we should be happy with, because it is the best happiness we can feel.

Eid is for those who worshipped Allah during Ramadan, but as for those who didn't observe the rights of Allah will they feel happy? The heart is created by Allah and it won't find happiness except in having connection with Him, so if somebody feels happy without this, then it is not a constructive type of happiness, it is a fake one, and the things that make you happy reflect your main purpose of life, real believers are happy with worshipping Allah.

4- Treat people with respect, but let them know that you can't be in a place where sins are committed, be proactive and take the initiative to share wisdom with people with showing them concern.

5- Enjoying yourself doesn't mean hurting others, so be sensitive, and share the happiness with people.




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