One Step Closer - Ramadan

Since 2012-12-05

1- Our challenge is to make Ramadan of this year the most special in our life in terms of our relationship with Allah, gaining knowledge, praying, reading Qur’an with contemplation, and understanding Islam and implementing it more, so that Insha’Allah after Ramadan we will become different people in a positive sense.

2- Making use of Ramadan is something that can be achieved by understanding its weight and importance, and by knowing that this could be our last Ramadan, so that we will make it the best no matter how hard we strive.

3- Fasting is one of the most profound acts of worship that has a huge impact on our behavior, and in order to feel its sweetness we should make the things that we want to do as the things that the prophet (peace be upon him) did. And the reward of fasting is with Allah, it is ascribed to Him, and we Muslims expect so much form Allah.

4- Ramadan is the month of Qur’an, and with Qur’an you can feel the real spirituality, so that your ultimate goal will become to make reading the Qur’an a daily habit.

5- Whatever Allah tells us to do has a positive impact on our hearts and souls, and anyone who thinks that there is a benefit in contradicting the command of Allah, then those people are fooling themselves, Allah is telling us clearly that fasting is meant to make things easy for us, and this is what we believe in, Ramadan is a month of training that pushes us to be in a constant progress in our life, believing that we should make each day better than the one that has passed.


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