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The health benefits of yogurt

The health benefits of yogurt for Ramadan and Eid ... more

Reaping the Benefits of Ramadan


Adapted from a lecture

In the month of Ramadan it is very important that we spent a few moments to understand some of the wisdoms and lessons that we can learn from this month of fasting.

Unfortunately, many Muslims come in ...
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18 Benefits of Prayer

And seek help in patience and As-Salat... ... more

5 Benefits of Home Schooling

This article will share 5 benefits that homeschooling has which other schooling systems do not have. ... more



1- Our challenge is to make Ramadan of this year the most special in our life in terms of our relationship with Allah, gaining knowledge, praying, reading Qur’an with contemplation, and understanding Islam and implementing it more, so that Insha’Allah after Ramadan we will become ...

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Have You Benefited from Your Time?

Days pass by... A night ends and a morning comes, and a morning ends and a night comes. ... more

Divine wisdom behind fasting Ramadan

Every Muslim should know that fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam, here we are trying to know some divine wisdom behind this great pillar... ... more

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