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Abbad ibn Bishr: Friend of the Qur'an

He had lived, fought, and died as a believer. ... more

Abu-Bakr As-Siddîq (the Man of Truth)

He is a man who has spent all his money for the cause of Allah, upon which it was said to him, “What have you left for your family? He said the words of the confident of his Lord, “I left for them Allah and His Messenger.” It is Abu Bakr As-Siddîq, may Allah be pleased with him. ... more

How far are we from the fasting of the ancestors!

The righteous ancestors had glorious states and noble degrees concerning fasting. These states indicate their realization of the importance of this act of worship for cultivating souls, purifying hearts, establishing determination, controlling whims and getting rid of the evils of desires. ... more

Why Do We Love the Companions?

The love of the companions of the Prophet is one of the basic principles of faith according to the people of the Sunnah and the Community (of Muhammad). ... more

What we must believe of the Companions

Our creed concerning the Companions – May Allah be pleased with them - of the Messenger of Allah, Allah’s prayers and Peace be upon him. ... more

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