How Can the Muslims Reclaim Their Honor?

It was from the practice of the pious (Muslim) men and women who came before us that if they were defeated by an enemy, they would scrutinise themselves and would search for the cause of this defeat... ... more

Weeping From the Fear of Allah

Allah sent to us the Qur'an and "the skins of those who fear their Lord shiver from it (when they recite it or hear it). Then their skin and their heart soften to the remembrance of Allah." [Az-Zummur 39:23] ... more

How to get the most benefit of the Noble Qur'an?

Allah The Almighty, The Exalted has praised His Noble Book and explained its beauties in more than one Ayah (verse); Allah The Almighty says: {And this (the Qur?an) is a blessed Book which We have sent down, confirming (the revelations) which came before ... more

A beautiful story about Quran (4)

You observe the rights of Allah and Allah will preserve you. ... more

Sufficed themselves with the Quran

Indeed, what Allah?s Messenger made unlawful is like what Allah made unlawful?. [At-Tirmidhi, authenticated by Al-Albani] ... more

The Sunnah in understanding the Quran

I guess, after considering the above examples, the status of the Sunnah in Islamic legislation has become clear to us. ... more



1- Our challenge is to make Ramadan of this year the most special in our life in terms of our relationship with Allah, gaining knowledge, praying, reading Qur’an with contemplation, and understanding Islam and implementing it more, so that Insha’Allah after Ramadan we will become ...

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Stances with a Fasting Muslim

This virtuous month has embraced you to bring you closer to Allah, and to realize the grace of Allah over you, that He has blessed you by being one of those who witnessed this noble month. And keep in mind that there are some who have been forbidden this ... more

The Spy of the Heart

Singing leads to many damages and evils; Singing spoils minds, kills shyness and dignity. It also leads to take out jealousy and the light of faith from hearts. Anyone who listens to singing, it makes him close to Satan and away from Allah. ... more

Where do we stand form the Holy Quran?

The Holy Qur'an is the manifest talk of Allah, His miraculous Book and His preserved revelation. He made it a cure to the hearts from the diseases of doubt and desires... ... more

Qur'anic Ideas for Ramadan

These are some ideas to take heed of the Holy Qur'an in the blessed month of Ramadan. We selected most of it from Multaqa Ahl Al-Tafseer forum (The Assembly of the folks of the Qur'an forum) and ascribed every idea to whom devised it... ... more

The Month of Paradise

Here it comes, the gracious guest of the year, knocking on the doors of time, after our longing to it and maybe, similarly, it's longing to us. It is here to sweep the burdens of our life from our souls and to spread faith and calmness in our hearts. ... more

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