Living the Qur'an

Living the Qur'an

By Khurram Murad

Reading the Glorious Qur'an will be of little benefit to you, unless you, from the first moment, begin to change and reconstruct your life in total surrender to Allah who has given you the Qur'an. Without the will and striving to act, neither the states of heart ...

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What the Qur'an Holds for You

It is beyond man's power to comprehend, or to describe, the greatness and importance of what the Qur'an holds for him. ... more

Revive Your Relation with the Qur'an (10 Hadiths)

In this series we will explore a number of the Prophet's Hadiths that encourage us to revisit and revive our relationship with the Qur'an. Let's get ready for the month of the Qur'an and receive it with a fresh and fruitful connection with Allah's Book. ... more

How the Qur'an Differs From the Bible

It is a common allegation by Christians that the Qur'an is a mere copy of the Bible; that Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) simply plagiarized "his" book from the pages of the Bible. ... more

Answers to 7 Questions on Islam

In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

1. What is Islam?

The word "Islam" is an Arabic word that means "submitting and surrendering your will to Almighty God". The word comes from the same root as the Arabic word "salam", which means peace. Unlike the names used ...

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The Lowest Area on Earth




Allah, the Almighty, says: {Alif-Lam-Mim. [These letters are one of the miracles of the Quran, and none but Allah (Alone) knows their meanings]. (1) The Romans have been defeated. (2) In the nearer land (Syria, Iraq, Jordan, and Palestine), and they, after their defeat, ...

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Cure of Modern Stress in The Qur'an

Stress is the most common aliment of modern age. It has been implicated in the causation of peptic ulcer disease, coronary heart disease, depression, auto immune disease, hypertension, diabetes and even cancer. ... more

How Can the Muslims Reclaim Their Honor?

It was from the practice of the pious (Muslim) men and women who came before us that if they were defeated by an enemy, they would scrutinise themselves and would search for the cause of this defeat... ... more

Weeping From the Fear of Allah

Allah sent to us the Qur'an and "the skins of those who fear their Lord shiver from it (when they recite it or hear it). Then their skin and their heart soften to the remembrance of Allah." [Az-Zummur 39:23] ... more

How to get the most benefit of the Noble Qur'an?

Allah The Almighty, The Exalted has praised His Noble Book and explained its beauties in more than one Ayah (verse); Allah The Almighty says: {And this (the Qur?an) is a blessed Book which We have sent down, confirming (the revelations) which came before ... more

A beautiful story about Quran (4)

You observe the rights of Allah and Allah will preserve you. ... more

Sufficed themselves with the Quran

Indeed, what Allah?s Messenger made unlawful is like what Allah made unlawful?. [At-Tirmidhi, authenticated by Al-Albani] ... more

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