Dr Nabulsi and Shady Alsuliman_Miscellaneous Topics

This is a joint lecture between Dr. Nabulsi, who speaks in Arabic, and Sheikh Shady AlSuliman, who explains Dr. Nabulsi's speech in English. They touch upon several issues, including teenagers in Islam and Miracles of Creation among many others.

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The Book of Dhikr and Supplication in Accordance with the Qur'an and Sunnah

Dhikr and Supplication are great acts in Islam. In the book we will be knowledgeable about their values in the Holy Quran and Noble Sunnah. The author is Shaikh Abdul-Razzaq ibn Abdul-Muhsin and translated by Dr. Waleed Bleyhesh may Allah the Almighty reward them. ... more

The Breeze of Ramadan

A beautiful reminder and a glaring advice of the value of Ramadan, every Muslim has to make full advantage to welcome this great blessing and this great opportunity. ... more

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