3 Ways to Save Yourself from Fitna

Hold your tongue, let your home suffice you and cry over your sins

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Thinking Well of Others Relieves the Heart

Nothing relieves the heart and makes one happy more than thinking well of others. It protects one from the harm of worrisome thoughts that disturb his peace of mind and exhaust the body. ... more

The Key to Success

The successful person is one who does not let their inclination overcome their reason, or their failure overcome their patience, nor are they lured by temptations, or preoccupied by trivial things. ... more

Sins and Failure

We are more affected, more changed, by what we do than by what is done to us. No matter what you go through, you remain, or can remain, the same person you were before the experience. Sure, you will be affected; perhaps hurt, perhaps saddened, perhaps fatigued; maybe you will be more cynical, less trusting, and so on; because of your experiences; but you are fundamentally the same person. ... more


Amid the Verses of Divorce, Allah may He be Glorified and Exalted, ordered us to Guard strictly the Prayers and stand with obedience to Him, because, in the times of hardship, one may forget the rememberance of Allah...

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How to Anticipate the Reward in your Daily Life from Allah?

Hana Al-Sanee. Introduction by: Shaikh dr. Abdullah Aljibreen ... more

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