It is a sickness that casts a person into destruction, drives him away from the best of actions, causes him to succumb to temptations, and misguides them from the right path. It is lust which you must avoid it to maintain a healthy life. ... more

The Weight Of Salah On The Day Of Judgment

One of the most important lessons that every Muslim has to realize with the most careful consideration.

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The ways of Allah with His creation

This booklet considered to be a reference for people to discover Jihad and situation in Syria to be aware of needs and calamity in this crucial situation. ... more

What you Prefer Duniya or Hereafter?- Omar El-Banna

A great reminder of Hereafter. We all have to Be aware of this great advice to keep remembering the day of Judgment.

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All About Worship-Sajid Umar

The advices shared in ‘All about Worship’ dealt with the pillars and conditions that are incumbent upon a believer for our worship to be accepted.

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The Effect of Sins- Sajid Umar

Sheikh Sajid explains the effect that sins can have on ourselves, our family members and society as a whole. He also highlights how we should strive to protect ourselves from committing sins, and continously do a ‘self-audit’ of oursleves, and if we are to slip and err then remember to never lose Hope in the Mercy of Allah Almighty, for as long as we are breathing there is always a chance to turn back to Allah in repentance.

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Three People that the Hell Fire wont Touch-Sajed Ahmed Umar

This short reminder focuses on three people that the Hell-Fire will not touch, due to their performing the specific actions mentioned in this reminder, extracted from the Ahadeeth.

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Time is Ticking

Discover the real value of time. It is of great importance to recognize the issue in advance.

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Tying the Knot

It is highly important to highlight procedures taken to be fully committed to acts of worship and to fulfill acts of obedience.

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Closeness of Death- Mufti Menk

Every Muslim has to consider the moment of death. Death is close to every one and we have to prepare for this moment.

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Being reckless with regard to zina on the grounds that the Muslim who commits sin will never stay in Hell for eternity

What is your response to the one who says that so long as the Muslim has an atom’s weight of faith in his heart, he will enter Paradise even if he commits zina during his lifetime? 
What do you say to the wife who betrays her husband by committing the immoral act of zina for the sake of sexual pleasure?.

Praise be to Allaah.The belief of Ahl as-Sunnah wa’l-Jamaa‘ah is that those who commit major sins are subject to the will of Allah. If Allah wills, He will punish them, and if He wills, He will forgive them, and if they are punished, they will not remain in Hell forever. This is what is ... Continue Reading