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Islam is not a Religion of Extremism

A short pamphlet that refutes the false claims that accuse Islam of being a religion of extremism. ... more

The Reaction

There is always an opponent for the truth. Wherever there is light, there is always the opposite side. Whereever there is good, there is always evil fighting against it. There is no doubt whereever you see the light of Islam and the truth of Islam, you will find always enemies fighting against Islam...

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From Sydney to Peshawar

In this lecture, Mufti Menk demonstrates and highlights unaccepted actions in Islam.

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Plotting of the Kuffaar Against Islam and the Muslims

This has occurred since the beginning of Islam until now, the kuffaar with their different religions and beliefs have always plotted against Islam. ... more

The Ruling of Electing Candidates

Electing the legislator (i.e. the so-called member of the National Assembly) is one of the greatest sins. ... more

Why are the Democrats Keen to Run for Elections?

O Muslims, here is a very important question: why are a lot of people –in democracy– keen in running for elections? ... more

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