Is Purity essential for reading Qur’aan from one’s mobile phone?

Some mobile phones have a Quraan programs which enable one to read the Quraan anytime on the mobile’s screen. Is Taharah (Purity) a condition before one starts reciting?.

Praise be to Allaah.These mobile phones in which Qur’aan is put in written or recorded form do not come under the same ruling as the Mus-haf, so it is permissible to touch them without having purified oneself and it is permissible to take them into the washroom with one, because writing ... Continue Reading

Du’aa: The Believer’s Weapon

Yes, indeed Du’aa is the believer’s weapon, hence it is highly important for every Muslim to know the great virtues of Du’aa.

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Honoured Guests

A beautiful and magnificent story that inspires any Muslim to become closer to Allah the Almighty, a great reminder to be among those who remember Allah the Almighty. ... more

Invocation for When Rain Increases and one Fears it

Rain may be more beneficial to a place than to another, in a time than in another, in a situation than in another. ... more

Invocation for when it rains

It is recommended to seek blessings from the rain when it first comes down by making it touches one’s head and other parts of the body. ... more

What is to be said when visiting a dying person (2/2)

A dying person should combine hope and fear in himself: Hoping for the mercy of Allah and fearing of His Punishment. ... more

What is to be said when visiting a dying person (1/2)

The speech here will be about what is to be said when visiting a dying person and what should a dying person say when approaching death. ... more

Some of the fruits of following the Sunnah

there are many fruits which result of following the Sunnah: ... more

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