Category: Aqeedah (Islamic Faith)

The Islamic Faith: A simplified presentation

   This is a short whose author has endeavored to present to us what the Prophet and his companions maintained in the most serious area of faith, which is the area of beliefs. He also explai ... more

You Ask and the Quran Answers

A small book that answers 32 questions through Ayahs from the Holy Quran... ... more

Understanding Islam

In the Arabic language, the word Islam has many meanings. It comes from the root letters of س (seen)ل (lam) and م (meem), 'salam'. Frome these letters the meaning of Islam is described literally as 'submission', 'surrender', 'peace' and 'safety'. Salam is also known as one of Allah's Attributes. ... more

Did God become man?

The main purpose for writing this booklet is to reach those who believe in God and cause them to reflect on the nature of their beliefs in the light of reason and revelation. ... more

Islam in Concept

This book explaines (in general) the concept of Islam in simple phrases especially for non -muslims. Also explains the concept of some terms related to Islam like, Almighty Allah, God, Quran, Muhammad, Jesus, life after death, moral system in Islam, worship in Islam, prophethood, Human rights in Islam, Status of woman in Islam, Prayer, fasting, Pilgrimage and much more ... ... more

The Beginning and the End

This book, Life: the Beginning and the End, deals with questions of the creation, existence and progress of the universe. This is a subject that has been raised by many communities throughout the ages, yet Islam addressed it in a most direct and clear way right from its earliest days. ... more

Glad Tidings

This booklet is a key that will lead you on an exciting journey to explore the Islamic Faith. ... more

Every Religious Innovation

It is unjust and unreasonable for Islam to be assessed or evaluated based on any individuals’ behavior and attitudes, with the exception of the Prophet Muhammad who is the example and role-model. ... more

The Foundations of Faith in the Light of the Qur’an and the Sunnah

As it is not possible for human intellect to comprehend, independently, details of the Faith. Allah has sent His Messengers and revelation to clarify such to mankind, Thus, they would be able to worship Him based on knowledge, understanding, crystal clear principles and upright fundamentals, Henceforth, Allah's Messengers have come in succession to convey and explain this message to the people of their time. ... more

How Do We Believe in the Last Day?

Man either has stages or is nothingHow do we believe in the Last Day?Fitnah of the GravePunishment of the Grave and its BlessingsResurrectionCloseness of the sun to the creationHow is it possible that ... more

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