Category: Aqeedah (Islamic Faith)

Relationship of Sin and Attitude to Aqeedah

Does falling into sin indicate that there is something wrong with one's 'aqeedah (belief system)?

Praise be to Allah.Good attitudes; which are those that are obedience in and of themselves or lead to obedience, are part of Islam, in fact they are Islam. Allah praised His Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) for being "on an exalted standard of character" and Ibn ... Continue Reading

Whoever does not believe that the kaafirs are kaafirs is himself a kaafir

Is it true that anyone who does not accept that kuffaar are kuffaar is a kaafir himself, even if he prays, believes in the Qur'aan, and the Prophet Muhammad? If so, what is the proof for this? Can a person insist on believing that Jews and Christians can be believers and go to heaven after being shown clear evidence against this, and still be considered a Muslim?

Praise be to Allah.Yes, this is correct. Whoever is not convinced that the person who disbelieves in the religion of Allah is a kaafir, does not believe what Allah has told us about their being kaafirs, and he does not believe that the religion of Islam abrogates all previous religions and that all ... Continue Reading

One who lives among people who commit shirk

A man lives within a community that commits shirk (polytheism) by appealing for help from other than Allah. Is he allowed to pray with them with their leading the prayer? Is it obligatory to abandon them? Is their Shirk considered shirk al-akbar (great and serious act of disbelief by associating other beings with Allah's supremacy)? Is alliance with them treated the same as alliance with true non-believers?

If the condition of those with whom you live is as you mentioned, appealing for help from other than Allah, such as appealing for help from the dead and the non-living or the trees or stones or planets and the like, then they are committing the greatest shirk which causes expulsion from ... Continue Reading

The non Muslims ask who created Allah

I tell non-Muslims that Allah created everything in this universe. They ask me who created Allah? How can Allaah have been there since the beginning? 
How can I answer them?

Praise be to Allah.This question which the non Muslims have asked you is inherently false and self-contradictory. If we were to say -for the sake of argument- that someone created Allah, then they would ask you, Who created the creator of the Creator? Then, who created the creator of the creator of ... Continue Reading

Suffering From Waswas (Insinuating Whispers) of the Shaytan About the Essence of Allah

A man is experiencing waswas (insinuating whispers) from the Shaytan (devil) having to do with Allah, and he is very afraid of that.

Praise be to AllahThe questioner has mentioned this problem and is afraid of its consequences. I say to him, rejoice, for its consequences cannot be anything but good. By means of this waswas, the Shaytan tries to gain control over the believers and shake the sound belief in their hearts, and make ... Continue Reading

Evidence of the Existence of God, and the Wisdom Behind His Creation

A non-Muslim friend of mine asked how I could prove the existence of God and why He has given us life, and what its purpose is?
My answer did not satisfy him, please tell me what I should tell him?

Praise be to AllahMy dear Muslim brother, your efforts to call people to Allah and explain the reality of Allah's existence make us very happy. Finding out about Allah is in tune with the sound fitrah (natural inclinations of man) and with sound reasoning. How many there are who, once the truth ... Continue Reading

The Merits of Islam

There are many religions.

Why do Muslims think that Islam is true. Is there any factual basis?

Praise be to Allah. This is a reasonable enough question for one who has not entered Islam, but one who believes in and practices this religion already knows the blessings which are his because of this religion. There are many reasons for this, which include the following:1- The Muslim ... Continue Reading

Who do Muslims worship?

Who do Muslims worship?

Praise be to Allaah Before answering, we would like to express our appreciation for your interest, at such a young age, in the religion of Islam. May Allaah open the door for you to find much blessing through your asking this question, and decree for you guidance such as you have never thought ... Continue Reading

“Why Did you Become Muslim”?

One of the guys at work was asking me why I became Muslim and I told him it is the path I must follow. I don’t know sometimes what I should say, for me it is the path I must follow. What can I say to someone; I don’t want to push what I believe, so how should I answer someone if asked, what is the right way to answer the questions? Sometimes I feel I don’t give the right answers... Any clues as to what I can say?


Praise be to AllahFirstly:We ask Allah to accept your Islam and to make you steadfast in adhering to the truth, and to guide you to that which He loves and which pleases Him. You should understand that you have followed the right path, and that Islam is the religion of sound human nature ... Continue Reading

Why God Created Mankind

According to the Quran and/or Islamic traditions, why did God create mankind?

Praise be to AllahAllah created the jinn (type of spiritual creatures) and mankind to worship Him alone, to obey His commands and heed His prohibitions. Allah says [in the Quran] (interpretation of the meaning):{And I (Allah) created not the jinn and mankind except that they should worship Me ... Continue Reading

Ruling on saying “We are the children of Allaah”

What is the rulling on, when a Muslim say "We believe we are all children of Allah" Basing it on the weak Hadeeth (All creations are sustained by Allah). Please provide details of the ruling.

Praise be to Allaah.   The hadeeth mentioned was narrated by al-Bazzaar and Abu Ya’la from Anas, and says, “All of mankind are the dependents of Allaah, and the most beloved of them to Allaah are those who are most helpful to their dependents.” This is a very weak ... Continue Reading

The Qur’aan was revealed by Allaah, not created

Can you recommend a book in english that explains what it really means that the Qu'ran is not a creation; and what we should believe in as Muslims?

Praise be to Allaah.What we Muslims are obliged to believe is that which has come to us from Allaah, and that which the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) has told us. Allaah has told us that He speaks, as He says (interpretation of the meaning):{And who is truer in ... Continue Reading