God Or No God - Creation Of The Universe

Since 2020-07-26

Haya Muhammad Eid

Creation Of The Universe

The descriptions of creation in the Qur’an are primarily messages from God, rather than factual or historical accounts.

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  • Umar Abu Ammar

    I think the existence of the universe itself is a proof for the existence of its creator, Allah (swt). Because Given the existence of the Universe and the implausibility of emergence from nothing with no causal condition, it is reasonable to believe the Universe had a Transcendent Cause to bring it into existence from nothing. Given the complexity and patterned nature of the Universe, the existence of morality, this Cause must have ability, power and intelligence. This Cause is referred to as God or Allah by believers. https://www.islamiqate.com/2089/how-would-you-prove-god-exists
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