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The Islamic View of Jesus

The Birth of JesusAllah, Exalted be He, is far and Above Having a ChildJesus was Aided by Clear SignsThe Descent of Jesus before the End of the WorldJesus: His Attributes and Virtues ... more

Common Questions about Islam

PolygamyVeilSpread by SwordFundamentalistsNon-Veg. FoodAlcohol, PorkLife after DeathSectsKafirs ... more

Islamic Principles for the Muslim's Attitude during Fitan

{ Fear the Fitna, which affects not only those of you who do wrong (but it may afflict everybody).}[Surah al-Anfal 8:25]- and in such testing situations, if a Muslim was to let loose his thoughts ... more

Stories of New Muslim

Some touching stories of newly-converted brothers and sisters. ... more
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Muhammad In The Bible

Prophet's tree, Muhammad in the old statement and Muhammad in the new statement   ... more

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