The example of those who go early to Friday Salah

The Hadith exhorts people to go early to Salah because it draws a person to his Lord, may He be Glorified and Exalted. ... more

The Man Behind the Armor

He defied the odds in an era of darkness, setting aside the criticism of those who called him crazy for defying the impossible: uniting the Ummah, standing up to the Crusaders, and returning honor where it belonged. ... more

The Importance of Salah

‘Salah is among the greatest foundations of Islam, the highest among the actions of eemaan, the shortest way to Ar-Rahmaan. It is the sought after shelter of the repentant, the safe haven for the frightened, the best asset of the hard-working and tranquility for the worshippers’ hearts. ... more

The Solid Pillar

Prayer is the backbone of religion and the solid pillar of Islam. It is the first act of worship ordered by Allah Almighty and the first thing a slave of Allah is to be asked about on the Day of Resurrection. ... more

Why do I pray?

Many people have started to neglect Salat in our times and see it as a heavy burden. So, were you to remind them of it, some would look for excuses to justify themselves, saying they are busy now with some important matters. ... more

How Can the Patient Purify, Pray, Fast, & Perform Hajj?

Allah Almighty has said that He {has not laid upon you in religion any hardship} [Surat Al-Hajj 22:78] ... more

Let’s pray like the Prophet

I recommend you all, as well as myself, with fearing Allah Almighty. And here I present to you advice about some supererogatory acts have been neglected by some people in their prayers, and I remind you with the Hadeeth of the Messenger of Allah (prayers and peace of Allah be upon him) in which he said: “Pray as you saw me pray” [Reported by Bukhari] ... more

21 Advices to pray Fajr

A brother complained: I miss salaat al-Fajr on most days, and I hardly ever pray it at the right time. Usually I do not wake up until after the sun has risen, or at best I wake up after the time for praying fajr in jamaa'ah. I have tried to wake up at the ... more

Prayer is the indispensable life of the heart

'And the Prayer is light.' [Reported by Muslim] ... more

Congregational Prayer

An advice to whom who fails to perform the congregational prayer (in the mosque) ... more

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