A Day and a Night in Ramadan (part 1 of 2)

The Fast of the Day... Description: A typical day in the life of a Muslim in Ramadan. ... more

Ar-Rifâ'i was again summoned for investigation

Sayyid Ar-Rifâ'i Al-Husseini: the loyalty of a Muslim is for his religion, first and foremost.


Ar-Rifâ'i was again summoned for investigation in the public prosecutor's office.


After finishing the investigation, Sheikh Sayyid Fu'âd ibn Sayyid Abdurrahman Ar-Rifâ'i Al-Husseini, the ...

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Religion & America's relation with the Jews

Does religion play role in deciding America?s relation with the Jews? ... more

Losing Identity: Dissolving in Others

Why do we Muslims - who believe with certainty, praise be to Allaah, that we are following the true religion - not have the strength to be proud of our faith and practice its principles, adhering firmly to them and holding our heads high with pride... ... more

James, Ex-Christian, USA

How the actions of a Muslim and the clarity of the message of the Quran led James to Islam. ... more

Religious Innovation


Serving the religion

Serving the religion is the responsibility of everybody. ... more

The Muslimah & Her Community

Wherever the Muslimah is, she should be a beacon of guidance and a positive source of correction and education, through both her words and deeds. ... more

How to Convert to Islam?

How to Convert to Islam and Become a Muslim? ... more

The Religion of Islam

Islam is the religion that Allah sent to Muhammad (sallallaahu alaihi wa-sallam) and made it the final and most complete religion for His slaves. ... more

Rights of the Prophet

The Prophet has many rights. Respect and appreciation for him should be practiced in the best manner. Respecting the Prophet includes respect of and adherence to his Sunnah after his death. ... more

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