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Does religion play role in deciding America?s relation with the Jews?

Does religion play role in deciding America’s relation with the Jews?

Surely, there is a total change in the relation of Jews and Christians. There are some changes in the traditional relation between Jews and Christians. History tells us about an enmity relation between both of them that backs to old time. Jews received Jesus in the worst way. They accused his mother, Mary the virgin, of fornication. They asked the Roman king of Jerusalem to kill Jesus. Needless to say, that Christians believe that Jesus, peace be upon him, was crucified and killed. However, we – Muslims – firmly believe that he was neither crucified nor killed; rather Allah raised him to heavens. Allah says: {…but they killed him not, nor crucified him, but the resemblance of 'Iesa (Jesus) was put over another man (and they killed that man)} [Surah An-Nisâ’ 4:157]
{...وَمَا قَتَلُوهُ وَمَا صَلَبُوهُ وَلَـٰكِن شُبِّهَ لَهُمْ} النساء: 157
Transliteration: wama qataloohu wama salaboohu walakin shubbiha lahum 
Christians believe in Jesus’ crucifixion, a matter that led to mass doctrinal distortion in Christianity. Christians deem the Jews responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus. Such blame was not confined to the Jews who lived at the time of Jesus, but was also for all Jews through history. Jews were known in the Christian heritage as “Cursed Nation”. The following incident witnesses to this fact. Upon making a treaty with the Muslims, Christian bishop of Jerusalem asked Umâr Ibn al-Kattaâb -the Emir of the Believers- not to allow any Jew to enter or dwell in this holy city, no matter what were the circumstances.
There is a mutual hatred between Christians and Jews. Allah says in the Qur’ân: {The Jews said that the Christians follow nothing (i.e. are not on the right religion); and the Christians said that the Jews follow nothing (i.e. are not on the right religion);…} [al-Baqarah 2:113]
{وَقَالَتِ الْيَهُودُ لَيْسَتِ النَّصَارَىٰ عَلَىٰ شَيْءٍ وَقَالَتِ النَّصَارَىٰ لَيْسَتِ الْيَهُودُ عَلَىٰ شَيْءٍ...} البقرة: 113
Transliteration: Waqalati alyahoodu laysati alnnasaraAAala shayin waqalati alnnasara laysati alyahoodu AAala shayin 
Days pass and situations change. Nowadays, we witness a strange agreement between Christians and Jews. Moreover, we witness a Christian defense of Jews -in other words Christian defense of Jewish lies-, mutual religious visits, and Church Support for many Jewish issues, especially for those Jews who live in Palestine.
What is the secret behind this strange change?
We may not understand the reason beyond such change until we refer to history, while reading some events thoroughly to get an explanation of the current situation that we witness.
European Jews … Persecuted and forced to convert to Christianity
Jews lived under a series of European persecution. The polytheist Byzantines invaded Jerusalem in 70 AC. The Byzantines, under the leadership of Titus, massacred the Jews. This tragedy was repeated in 132 AC. at the hands of the Byzantine leader Elijah Hadrian. The Byzantine Empire adopted Christianity when its emperor Constantine converted to it. Then the whole Europe converted to Christianity. Consequently, there was a new series of persecution against Jews, but with a new ideology. This ideology is represented in the Christian persecution of the Cursed Nation that killed the Messiah, according to the Christian belief. This continued during most of the eras of the old European history. Moreover, Christians used to call the Jews “Infidels”.
In the year 1290, there was a great escalation of such persecution. Edward I, the king of England, expelled all Jews from England. In 1306 Philip of France declared that the Jews of France had to choose one of the following: either to get out of France and never come back, or be killed, or convert to Christianity. Upon this the Jews divided into two groups. One group immigrated to al-Andalus (Spain) where Muslims were ruling there. Through ages, Muslims are famous for their respect of religious freedom as well as allowing religious minorities to practice their rituals.
The second group of Jews, however, converted publicly to Christianity, but kept their Judaism secretly. They did what the Jewish Rabbi of France at that time advised them. This group remained like this, hiding in the garment of Christianity. Moreover, some of them assumed some posts in the Church, and were promoted till they assumed leadership positions in the Church!
Jews and the Establishment of Protestantism
In the sixteenth century Jews took a very serious move that led to a strategic change in Europe and the world as whole. This move was nothing but altering the Christianity -which already was altered and distorted before- with the aim of changing it into a religion that serves the Jewish interests in the name of new Christianity. This new Christianity is called “Protestantism”.
The German priest, Martin Luther -driven by the Jews- initiated the revolution against the Catholic Church that was dominating West Europe. He called for reform and was supported by all Jewish priests who controlled most of important positions in European churches. Martin Luther expressed his deep love of Jews in the book he wrote in 1523, which entitled “That Jesus Christ was Born a Jew”. Although, Martine Luther was not a Jew -in order not to stir suspicions- but his writings show his love of Jews. For example, in his book “That Jesus Christ was Born a Jew”, he said: “The Jews are of the best blood on earth” (Luther, l.c. xxv. 409); “through them alone the Holy Ghost wished to give all books of Holy Scripture to the world; they are the children and we are the guests and the strangers; indeed, like the Canaanitish woman, we should be satisfied to be the dogs that eat the crums which fall from their master’s table” (xxv. 260).
Jewish Priests & Jewish Ideas
Martine Luther did not only glorify Jews, but also spread -along with the Jewish priests- new ideas that ensure more support for Jews. The most important two ideas, that directly affected the European policy in general and that of the Protestants in specific, are as follows:
First Idea: He rejected some of the books of New Testament, believing that the New Testament witnessed a big distortion and alter, while advising his followers to depend mainly on the Old Testament. He views that the Old Testament (Torah) was not distorted (This is not true, because studies show that Old Testament also witnessed some distortion and alter. Moreover there are some Jewish writings in the field of biblical criticism that deal with this issue).
Luther managed to make the Bible (Torah), the Holy book of Jews, the book of the Protestants too.
The Second Idea: Jews inserted such idea in Protestantism. This idea is that the coming of the Messiah will never occur until the Jews have their national home in Palestine. According to this, Christians who love the Messiah and wait for his coming must help the Jews to have this national home. Moreover this turned into a protestant doctrine. Jews were deemed holy by the Protestants and that made them to be forgiven for their mistakes as well as receiving no criticism.
Catholic Rejection & European Disagreement
The Catholic Church absolutely refused such Protestant ideas. For Martine Luther’s movement was deemed as a revolution against the Pope and the Catholic Church. There were a lot of conflicts between the Pope and Martine Luther. As a result Europe was divided into two. One part supports the Catholic Pope. The head of this part was France, the biggest catholic country in the world, and the Pope’s most close ally, as well as Spain and Italy. As to the second part, it went against the pope militarily and politically, headed by Germany and England. This part held fast to the movement of Martine Luther, merely because it contradicts the pope, no matter if it is convincing or not.
In 1538 Henry VIII of England officially declared the separation of the Church of England from the Roman Catholic Church, and adopted some protestant ideas. Moreover, he allowed the Jews to enter England after the ban of Edward I in 1290 AC. England turned into a protestant country that supports Jews with all its power.
Martine Luther -during his last years- denied his praise of Jews and wrote a book in 1544 which entitled “On the Jews and their Lies”. But his first thought was already spread in most European countries, and started to appear in the writings of thinkers, philosophers, and scholars who adopted Protestantism. For example, Isaac Newton wrote in his book entitled “Observations Upon the Prophecies of Daniel and the Apocalypse of St. John” about prophesies that Jews will come back to their home, saying: “The manner I know not. Let time be the Interpreter.” (page 41) Also the German philosopher Kant referred to European Jews as ‘Palestinians living among us’.
Discovery of America & French Revolution
European Protestants were subject of Catholic prosecution in Europe. So the Protestants, who bear the Jewish thought, directed the new country (America). By the passing of the time they outnumbered the Spanish Catholics who came to America earlier.
Then the French revolution took place in 1789 AC. The revolution attacked all old traditions in France. It got rid of Monarchy and everything related to it. Consequently, it declared its opposition to Catholicism and its adoption of Protestantism, despite the fact that it is a secular revolution that does not care about religion. This happened as a kind of rejection of everything old. When Napoleon invaded Palestine in 1799 AC. he called the Jews to come to Palestine from all over the world in order to establish their state. This act was in cope with the Protestantism which he believes in. However, his attempt failed as the Othman State along with England and Russia drove him out of Palestine. France adoption of Protestantism was a temporal one and France remained Catholic country.
Protestants & Jewish State
There were many calls from Protestants calling for glorifying Jews and establishing a state for them in Palestine. There were some American voices among these calls. For example, William Blackstone -a Protestant- sent the American president Benjamin Harrison in 1891 a petition entitled “Palestine for the Jews” He urged the start of Jewish return to Palestine. Note that such call was earlier than that of Theodor Herzl (it was in 1897).
Doctrines of Americans & British
After this historical background, let us have a deep look.
American Protestants are the biggest of Christian sects in America (more than 65% of American Christians), while Catholics are 30%. In England, the Protestants are 76%, while the Catholics are 24%. In German they are equal. In France, Italy, and Spain the majority are Catholics.
We notice the dominion of England then America as well as the Jewish effect in most political and economic systems of the world. Moreover, there is the unprecedented declaration which the catholic Pope was pressured to issue in 1966 that Jews are innocent of the charge of killing Jesus. This act, in my view, is political rather than religious one. For Catholics still worry from the Jews and their history.
Based on this, it is evident that the American and British love Jews, and defend their issues. This shows from the British facilitating of the establishment of a Jewish state. American continuous support of Jews is also clear. Such support is due to the American and British belief in the holiness of the Jews and their belief that the coming of the Messiah will not happen except if Jews return to Palestine. So there is no possibility that such countries may give up helping Jews unless a new doctrinal change happens!
This is the attitude of the peoples. Will the rulers and presidents act different? Or will they adopt the same attitude?
This is another topic.
I ask Allah to glorify Islam and Muslims.
Dr. Ragheb El Sergany



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