Attitude towards fitnah

We must all be gentle in our thinking and attitudes, and with regard to all events that occur, and we should not be hasty. ... more

How to invite non-Muslims to Islam?

Surly, you know this and know that Islam is a universal religion addresses all people; because it is the religion of all prophets and the religion that Allah has chosen for people; Allah almighty says: "Truly, the religion with Allah is Islam" [Al-Imran] ... more

Invite to the Way of your Lord

My fellow Muslim brother, calling others to worshipping Allah is among the best acts of obedience and the best ways to draw closer to Allah. ... more

Useful means of reform

How bad and severe can the consequences be on individuals and the society when some of the seekers of knowledge and pious youth obstruct from participation in all community fields, abandoning the reform process by enjoining the good and forbidding evil and get pre-occupied with other stuff even if it was prosperous work or seeking knowledge. ... more

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