Category: Stories of previous nations

Story of the Companions of the Cave

Muslim individual should resort to Allaah The Almighty alone with Du‘aa' particularly when afflictions befall. ... more

Story of the Man who Borrowed one Thousand Dinars

It implies the permissibility of telling about the wonderful events that occurred to Bani Isra'eel and the like so that people may be get admonished. ... more

Story of the Group of Israelites that were Lost

Muslim individual should do his best and strive hard about worshiping Allaah The Almighty, beware of the things that cause His Wrath for indeed, His seizure is painful and severe. ... more

Story of the Three Babies who Spoke in the Cradle

The three persons who spoke in the cradle ... more

Aasiyah (may Allah be pleased with her)

An example for those who believe; the righteous woman; the wife of Pharaoh; she is Aasiyah (may Allah be pleased with her). ... more

The Story of Prophet Saleh

The way God chose to speak to the people of Thamud was through the story of a camel! ... more

The Story of the Boy and the King

A young boy opens his mind to the true meaning of life. ... more

The Cities Of Sodom And Gomorrah

The historical Miracles And Stories of previous nations in The Noble Quarn related to the Cities Of Sodom and Gomorrah. ... more

Nuh's Flood

The historical miracles of The Quarn related to prophet Nuh and the flood. ... more

Haman And Ancient Egypt Monuments

The historical miracles of the Quarn. ... more

The People Of The Ditch (Soorat al-Burooj)

In numerous places in the Qur'aan, Allah speaks about incidents about people who lived in ancient times. One such people are a group commonly known as 'The People of the Ditch'. They are referred to in the following aayaat of the Qur'aan, in Sooratul-Burooj: ... more

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