5 Benefits of Home Schooling

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This article will share 5 benefits that homeschooling has which other schooling systems do not have.


Many people cringe when they hear the word homeschooling. They feel that it is a term only for people living in the amazon or in rural areas where schools are not established. This article will share 5 benefits that homeschooling has which other schooling systems do not have.
1. Being able to control what your child is learning and when they are learning it, and how they are learning about it. This is vital for any parent who wants their child to become a righteous, pious person. Garbage in, garbage out. What the schools choose to teach our kids nowadays can be very disgusting and inappropriate for them. Why do I know this I went to public schools and am regretful full of how much times was wasted on books, stories or videos of things that I found inappropriate, nor productive to know. These were topics really that did not benefit me.
2. Making sure that your teaching style is one that is tailored to your child’s learning abilities. This is vital for your child’s success. Each of our children learn a bit differently, and in order for them to love learning and want to continue to learn we must discover their learning styles and try to teach them in that way inshAllaah.
3. Help your child love learning. By being there to teach your child and being supportive you will be able to help them have a love for learning versus just making them memorize facts that they will never use. For example, when I am doing science with one of my kids, and realize that he isn’t get the concept, we go to google, and search for a video on that topic. This helps him visually see what we were just talking about. So he reads about it, and then see’s it in the video. This helps him understand the concept much deeper.
4. Keep your children away from negative influences which can destroy their lives. Nowadays you hear about kids doing drugs as early as 10 years old. Early peer pressure of drugs, alcohol, smoking, bullying, food, and immodest behavior is what is ruling the schools nowadays. Our kids are taught to be disrespectful to their teachers and parents, and defy adults. So much evil is out there, and unfortunately much of it is coming to our schools, and influencing our kids. You’re a product of your environment, so a negative environment will make you negative, versus a positive environment will make you positive, inshAllaah.
5. Make a schedule that fits your lifestyle. For example, we all wake up for tahajjud and pray, and we pray our other 5 prayers, and in between we study, take classes, do projects, take field trips, travel for events, etc. When everyone is stuck home from school on a snow day, and don’t study we study, so that when spring and summer are here we can have more outside time and activities. When the kids are sick the rest until they get bored, then they do something creative so they are not bored.
by Zohra Sarwari


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