As-Sunnah, the Ark of Noah

Since 2012-12-05

Allah (SWT) has preserved His most wonderful gift to humanity.




Allah (SWT) has blessed humanity with uncountable blessings. The most precious gift among His bounties is allowing them access to knowledge of Him, the Way leading to Him, and the destiny awaiting those who make good use of this knowledge and those who waste it.

Out of His generosity, Allah’s Message to mankind has been made – by all scales – perfectly clear through His Book, the guidance of His Prophet (peace be upon him) and the ideal practical application of this Message by the students of His Messenger (peace be upon him), i.e. the Companions.

And since Allah is Just to all His creation, the clarity of the Message is maintained throughout the ages so as to leave no excuse for those who choose to turn away from it. To secure that clarity, Allah (SWT) provided enough guidance in His Book and in the Sunnah of His Prophet (peace be upon him) ensuring every seeker of the truth access to this Message in the clearest and purist form.

It is inevitable – due to human nature – that this Message would undergo human tampering and intrusions. All previous revelations suffered alterations and distortion due to a variety of reasons. Since the Quran and the Sunnah are the final revelation to mankind, Allah took upon Himself to ensure its integrity and intactness regardless of all efforts channeled to blemish their originality.

We can confidently say: Allah (SWT) has preserved His most wonderful gift to humanity. The case can only be so since Allah is the most Merciful, the most Generous, and the most Wise.

It is the duty of every human being in a sound state of mind to pursue the truth and make this pursuit the pivotal access in his life. And in order to achieve a most noble aspiration as this, one has to have keenness to do whatever it takes to attain this most priceless gift from Allah.


Like any other sought-after attainment, the way to the Message of Islam in its purity is not paved with ease and comfort. There are obstacles, barriers, fraudulent signposts, and bandits lying in wait on the way leading to it. It takes sincere intention, determination, a lot of learning, submission and sacrifice to make it to that most precious treasure.

Allah (SWT) and His Prophet (peace be upon him) told us all what we need in order to sail safely through the ocean of this life, overcoming the waves of desire and improper knowledge to ensure a successful journey to the Treasure Island.

Life with all its trials and tribulations is an ocean in an extreme state of rage. Only one ship can surf through the gigantic waves of this sea. It is the same ship the Prophet (peace be upon him), his Companions and the great personalities of Islam boarded through the ages. There are other ships at the port calling people to get on board, promising a safe journey and a pleasant arrival, their looks captures the eyes and the minds, and their decoration imparts the thrill of a successful sail. Those with sound minds discern the qualities that really matter in such a decisive journey, making sure they get on board the right ship along with the right people.

The Ark of Noah was the only ship that could make it during the great flood. His son was confident of a better shelter on top of the mountain. However, impressions at such moments carry no value, personal preferences and bias can yield the most absurd outcomes.

Likewise, the way of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and his Companions is the culmination of the most precious gift of Allah. It is the Ark of Noah in this overwhelming flood of falsehood and evil.

Don’t forget, when Noah (peace be upon him) was making the Ark, his people made fun of him and his followers claiming that the making an ark in such a place and such a time was none sense, insinuating their plans where irrelevant to reality. The same scenario continues till today and will until the Day of Standing, when the truth will be clear to all.

Moutasem al-Hameedy



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