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1- Rifq is a way of life, it is a comprehensive approach and the ideal way of dealing with everything, it means moderation, gentleness, to be easy going and wise with handling every situation.

2- Allah is Al- Rafiq, and this is one of His attributes, He loves Rifq, and everything Allah loves is an act of worship, so Rifq is something that is always needed in our life as it is the way to success.

3- The way of worshipping Allah with Rifq can be only achieved by following the Sunnah of the prophet (peace be upon him) because it is the middle way, with it you can strike a balance in worshipping Allah so you don’t go to extremism.

4- Rifq has to do with gradualism, give things the time to grow, don’t push yourself beyond your limits, you need to be patient and moderate to achieve the natural growth, this should be used in bringing up our children and even in advising people.

5- Rifq is so profound, it is an element of greatness, it teaches us how to do things in a constant manner, because the most beloved deeds to Allah are the continuous ones even if they are little, this aspect is very important in our daily affairs, and Allah wants us to do things with Rifq in the way we apply our religion.

Moutasem al-Hameedy


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