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The bond that keeps the Muslim Ummah strong.

1- A great Islamic principle which is the bond that keeps the Muslim Ummah strong, it always worked with the early generations of Islam, and it is a great act of worship that is highly appreciated by Allah, so it brings us one step closer to Him.

2- Brotherhood in Islam is something natural that is always found in a Muslim society without the need to fake some kind of brotherhood or strong relationships, the basis of it is the agreement on the belief in Allah, because similarities bring people together, and differences keep people apart, so once we agree on our core values and develop proper clarity of our Deen, this will bring us together naturally, and make us have this beautiful brotherhood, and brotherhood is something that we need to have always, it is not optional, Allah wants us to maintain brotherhood despite the hardships we might face.

3- Allah (Subhanhu Wa Ta'ala) refers to the fact that Muslims are brothers to one another in many verses in the Qur’an, and He uses the word “BROTHERS” many times to speak about the relationships between Muslims, so this principle is very valuable and shouldn’t be neglected, this relationship exceeds every other relationships that we can find in human existence, it is even much more stronger than the blood relationship. Allah describes it as a great gift from Him to Muslims as He brought them together, and made them brother to one another, Allah made that clear in Qur’an when He said that Muslims are nothing but brothers to one another.

4- The prophet (peace be upon him) did his best to make the importance of brotherhood clear in the minds of Muslims, and that we all belong to one family, and the Muslim is the brother to the other Muslim, he never oppresses him, he never wrongs him. This concept should be deep in the heart, and reflected in the attitude, so it is not an empty slogan.

5- The bottom line of attaining brotherhood is Iman, and the love of Allah (Subhanhu Wa Ta'ala), so we love people in Him, and for His sake, and once He becomes the center of our life then everything He is pleased with we will be automatically and without thinking pleased with, and whatever He is not pleased with will bring us displeasure. And the practical steps to achieve brotherhood are in following the divine guidance that is sent to us by our Creator, and in following the Sunnah of the prophet, and considering the examples of his companions, this will help us cultivate the highest level of brotherhood.

Moutasem al-Hameedy


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