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1- An act of worship that shapes everything in our life, it really reflects the very beauty of Islam, but the depth of its meaning is unfortunately misunderstood by many Muslims and Arabs.

2- Deen is Nasihah, the entire Deen is Nasihah, this means that Nasihah is much more deeper and profound than being translated as advice, there is no English word that can stand for Nasihah, so we say it Nasihah, and it has two basic meanings:

- Purity: to reach a state of purity, where impurity is not involved, and your heart is full with purity towards the one to whom you are giving Nasihah, no enmity, no hard feelings, no hatred.
- Perfection and completion of Goodness, and that you have concern, love, and care to whom you are giving Nasihah.

So basically Nasihah means:

- Elimination of every evil externally and internally, so every bad is pushed away by Nasihah.
- Completion of every good externally and internally, so every good in Islam is Nasihah and brought by it.

3- Nasihah means that we purify our hearts towards Allah (Subhanhu Wa Ta'ala), His prophet (peace be upon him), and others, so the heart has no hard feelings neither towards the Creator nor towards His creation, imagine how good it could be!

4- The prophet’s life was a manifestation of what Nasihah means, he kept calling people to Islam even though they inflected the worst types of persecution against him, the prophet had Nasihah for people when he saw them doing something wrong, he would direct them to what is right, and the prophet also had Nasihah for us, he was concern about the message reaching us without deviation, this is why he warned against innovations.

5- How can we have Nasihah towards Allah, His words, His prophet, and people?

- Having Nasihah towards Allah is that your heart is pure towards Him, it is full of love and appreciation, it means that you give Allah His rights, and you understand His Names and Attributes, and that you achieve Tawheed in your heart and actions.

- Having Nasihah towards the Qur’an is by respecting it, defending it, implementing it, loving it and being attached to it.

- Having Nasihah towards the prophet is that our hearts are attached to him as a messenger and a role-model, we learn about his life, and we follow his Sunnah.

- Having Nasihah towards people is that we obey those who have the authority as long as they are obeying Allah, and we extend help and supports to the public, and we show them care and love.

And by implementing this beautiful act of worship we can get one step closer to Allah, Qur’an, the prophet, and we can even gain the hearts of people.

Moutasem al-Hameedy

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