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Have you talked with your child today?

Have you had a meaningful conversation together? Do you know what your child accomplished today, how he may be feeling, whether or not he has any concerns? Does your child know that you care about him? ... more

Oh father! This message is for you

Oh father! This is my message to you... where I express my sorrow and grief... my concerns and distress... ... more

A Message to Some Fathers

There is no doubt that every father wishes the success of his son in his school life. He always supplicates Allah for his success. He promises and arouses desires in him if he succeeds and threatens him if he fails in the exam. This is one of the natural innate feelings of human beings. ... more

The Initial Spark

My father has overwhelmed me with his unstoppable love, thus he made me a young man looking for a better future. I have the talent of educational attainment, which made me excellent in my studying,... ... more

This is for you: The joy of my eye

For you my son I am writing these words, which throb with compassion and advice? truth and sincerity... hoping that you will find the right path that would direct you to righteousness and shows you guidance. ... more

The Christian Creed

They have certainly disbelieved who say, "Allah is the Messiah, the son of Mary" ... more

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