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The Hijab is Beautiful

It often occurs to me that many of my sisters in Islam are not properly encouraged once they begin to observe the requirements of Hijab. ... more

Oh My Sister: Remember

My sister: I disclose to you among the lines of my letters a reminder, I copy from the shades of the Quran and the spring of Sunnah, a preach by which you gain the reward, so O my sister, listen... ... more

O Sister Beware of Fondness

One of the phenomena which have attracted the attention of many people is "the phenomenon of fondness" amongst girls. It is a strange phenomenon that excites attention and bewilders minds and thoughts. ... more

Do Not Be Sad, O My Sister!

Do not be sad, O sister, as sadness is not a cure for distresses. Do not lose hope as despair troubles the disposition while hope has loomed from every quarter, rather, from everywhere. ... more

Chastity of Veil

The greatest manifestation of chastity for a Muslim sister is the veil. It contains all the terms of modesty and shyness, and all the meanings of virtue and purity. Is Chastity anything than veil! ... more

Illuminative lamps on the way of Muslim woman

The pleasure of life, its beauty, and its utmost happiness are not achieved except through the obedience of Allah that does not cost anything except standing firm by the commandments of Allah and following His Path. ... more

The program of the Muslim sister in Ramadan

Sister, a great month is approaching. It has great virtues and many bounties. Its night is a niche for worshippers; its day is provision for them, and all its days are the escape bridge on the Day of Return. A month so described, and so full of favor is w ... more

Dear Daughter

If only had those chasing desires and short-lived possessions reflected on their true fate, they would think more than twice regarding their convictions. ... more

Dear Neighbor Sister

Dear Neighbor Sister, did you hear her story? Did you know about her? Did you know why she had lost? She prays the obligatory prayers, fasts, prays Tahajud, gives charity and does numerous good deeds. So, why did she lose? ... more

To every woman lived till Ramadan

Dear Muslim sister, know that none would practice prayer or observe fasting (or any other good deeds) on your behalf after your death. So, remember Allah Almighty much and observe much of the acts of obedience and seeking nearness with Allah. ... more

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