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The Origins of Shirk

I say: In it is also a refutation of some of the philosophers and athists who claim that the (natural) basis of man is Shirk, and that Tawheed evolved in man! ... more

How did Christianity become mixed with polytheistic beliefs?

If true Christianity brought the message of the Oneness of God (Tawheed), and stated that He alone is to be worshipped to the exclusion of anyone else in His creation, whether that is ?Eesa (Jesus) or anyone else, then how did this religion become mixed w ... more

Amulets & Its Evil

All (Ruqaa, Amulets and love-charms) are all types of shirk, however this is not the case for all kinds of Ruqaa. This general rule has exceptions... ... more

Horoscope under the Scope

Horoscopes, zodiacs, foretelling, and luck are all an act of Jahliya (ignorance) that Islam had abolished indicating that it includes shirk (polytheism). ... more

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