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The Right of Children

Children in accordance to Islam are entitled to various and several rights... ... more

When I was young

When I was young, I used to see marriage as a nice game. It was a wonderful white dress, high heels, a golden bracelet, and a ring surrounding my finger. ... more

Oh father! This message is for you

Oh father! This is my message to you... where I express my sorrow and grief... my concerns and distress... ... more


Among the greatest favors Allah confers upon a man is to expand his breast to embrace Islam, and be from the ummah of Muhammad, the master of mankind, sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam. That is indeed, by Allah, the best favor and the greatest blessing, as confirmed by Allah Almighty in His statement ... more

Message to schoolmistress

This is a message for every schoolmistress regardless of her status, place and time; it is for every schoolmistress who took the honor of bearing this noble mission and great trust. ... more

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