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The Heritage of Prophethood

The Heritage of Prophethood is an honor: How can you gain it? ... more

How to gain without any pain?

Ibn al-Qayyim, may Allah have mercy on him, said: "Those who know Allah, their habits are acts of worship, but the laymen's acts of worship are habits." ... more

Ramadan brings us closer

Ramadan brings us closer… How sweet this saying is... How nice the words are... and how charming the letters are…Ramadan brings us closer… But from what does it bring us closer? From obedience or from disobedience? From righteousness or from debauchery? From good or from evil? From Paradise or from Hellire? ... more

Happy Eid, What After Ramadan?

Here are the beautiful days of Ramadan going away quickly. The winner is whoever exploits them in obeying Allah. The loser is whoever wastes them. ... more

The Best Way for Investing the Minute

Time is the life of man, and in the single minute there is much good could be done and much rewards could be gained in just one minute... ... more

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