Encouragement to Have Children

Children have a lofty status in Islam, and a high rank. Allah has encouraged us to seek after them: {So now have sexual relations with them and seek that which Allah has ordained for you (offspring),} [Al-Baqarah 2:187].

{فَالْآنَ بَاشِرُوهُنَّ ...
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Coping With Peer Pressure

What happens during the school years is very important. Many parents and community leaders brush-off unfavorable and un-Islamic Muslim youth behavior as being a short-term phenomenon; a mix of hormones and bad friends. Time, it is argued, will mature their thoughts and bring them in line. ...

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Islam Encourages Proliferation

Islam Encourages Proliferation – Protects Children ... more

Islamic Schools: Who's Responsible?

Perhaps discipline for young ones brings benefit, But that same discipline will no longer bring results in a senior. ... more

The Initial Spark

My father has overwhelmed me with his unstoppable love, thus he made me a young man looking for a better future. I have the talent of educational attainment, which made me excellent in my studying,... ... more

Dear Daughter

If only had those chasing desires and short-lived possessions reflected on their true fate, they would think more than twice regarding their convictions. ... more

Children Breeding

Children are the adornment of the life of this world and one of the boons of Allah almighty that none knows its value except who had been prevented from it. They are trusts we will be asked by Allah whether we have kept them or lost them. ... more

Dangers of the Internet in the Home

The purpose of this article is to make us aware of the dangers that lurk behind the use of the Internet [especially for children] in the home. ... more

What is the alternative?

Whenever someone talks about this issue and mentions in detail the disadvantages of the TV programs, he faces a strange question “WHAT IS THE ALTERNATIVE?” ... more

Tragedy of a woman who has become Muslim

Tragedy of a woman who has become Muslim, but she has two children and their father is Hindu. ... more

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