Ruling on saying “We are the children of Allaah”

What is the rulling on, when a Muslim say "We believe we are all children of Allah" Basing it on the weak Hadeeth (All creations are sustained by Allah). Please provide details of the ruling.

Praise be to Allaah.   The hadeeth mentioned was narrated by al-Bazzaar and Abu Ya’la from Anas, and says, “All of mankind are the dependents of Allaah, and the most beloved of them to Allaah are those who are most helpful to their dependents.” This is a very weak ... Continue Reading

How can she introduce Islam to her young children and make them love it?

I have embraced Islam – praise be to Allah – and I have three children; I come from a Christian family that is tolerant of my being Muslim. My question is: how can I introduce Islam to my children, one of whom is eleven years old, the other is eight years old, and my daughter is five years old, without forcing them?

Praise be to Allah. Firstly:  We praise Allah for having enabled you to enter Islam and we ask Him, may He be exalted, to make you steadfast and to guide your family to this religion.  We are advise you not to be careless or lazy about guiding and teaching them, in the way that is ... Continue Reading

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