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Stories of the Prophets – Part (01)

Who are the prophets? Why did Allah (God) the Almighty Send the prophets? What is the name of the first human being? What is the difference between a ...

Duration: 24:23
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Growing Up Muslims in the West

What Is the future of the a Muslim community if the whole generation is missing in mosques?

Duration: 49:13
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Dr. Brown’s Jihad

Why did Dr. Laurence Brown ended up losing his wife, house, and much more? Find out more in the The Deen Show with Eddie.

Duration: 29:26
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Preparing for Ramadan

Advice on how to prepare for ramadan

Duration: 1:15:22
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Bleeding of the Ummah - Bangladesh, Syria, Mali.

Shaykh Abu Adnan is informing us of the current crisis within the Muslim lands. He is focusing on points such as history repeat itself and briefly ...

Duration: 56:13
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Introduction to Stories of The Quran

Mufti Ismail Ibn Musa Menk of Zimbabwe. LESSONS FROM THE STORIES OF THE PROPHETS in Noble Qur'aan. Episode One, Ramadhaan 1432, August 2011 at ...

Duration: 40:16
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What is the Purpose of Life?

What is the purpose of our life? Why were we born? What is the objective of our existence? What is the wisdom behind this creation of man and this ...

Duration: 52:16
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