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Women's Rights: A Historical Perspective

A. Women in the Teachings of HinduismB. Women in the Old Testament C. Women in the Teachings of Christianity D. Women in Contemporary Times E. Islamic View of WomenF. Western Women Accepting Islam ... more

What Does Islam Say About Mother’s Day?

Celebrating Mother’s Day is an innovated matter which the Prophet, peace and blessing be upon him, and his companions did not do. It is also an imitation of the kuffaar from whom we have been commanded to differ. ... more

“Never! By Allah, Allah Will Never Disgrace You!”

By these great words, the Mother of Faithful Believers, Khadijah, strengthened the heart of the Messenger of Allah, Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him, when he talked to her about the angel that descended to him in the Cave of Hira'. ... more

Guarding Virtue

Book Topics: The Necessity of Belief in the Differences between Man and WomanGeneral VeilSpecial VeilWomen Staying in Houses is Legal DutyMixing between Men and Women is Prohibited in Islamic Law ... more

Reading Qur'aan during menses

Is it permissible to read Qur'aan while a women is having mensus (periods)?

Praise be to Allah.This is one of the issues on which the scholars, may Allah have mercy on them, differed.The majority of fuqahaa' say that it is haraam for a woman to recite Qur'aan during her period, until she is taahir (pure) again. The only exceptions they make is in the case of dhikr ... Continue Reading

Raising children in an unrighteous environment

I try my best as a Muslim, but my husband says mean things against Islam, I try explaining things to him but he wont listen, he is educated whereas I am not, I do try and learn about Islam from the Quran and sunnah, but Im not perfect, I have 6 children three over the age of 13 and 3 under 9 years. how should I make myslef a better Muslim? and Instill it in my children as the older ones won't pray all they prayers. Sometimes ok most of the time it brings me down.

Praise be to Allah.Firstly: No matter how far a person is from Islam and its teachings, there still remains in him a kernel of goodness and natural inclination towards the truth, that needs someone to look for it and reach it, and  offer the call to faith and sincere advice. Your ... Continue Reading

Is it proven that the righteous wife will have a reward like that of one who fasts and prays qiyaam?

I once read a hadith in an islamic forum but the reference for the hadith was not mentioned. The hadith sounds beautiful but i'll love to confirm it's authenticity before i quote it to anyone. The hadith goes like this, the Prophet(saw) said, " When one of youdoes her best to be a good wife, The reward equals someone who is fasting all day and praying all night." I'll really appreciate your help.

Praise be to Allah.Perhaps you are referring to the report that was narrated by at-Tabaraani in al-Mu'jam al-Awsat [6733], and Ibn 'Asaakir in his Tareekh [43/348], via 'Amr ibn Sa'eed al-Khawlaani from Anas ibn Maalik, according to which Salaamah the nurse of ... Continue Reading

Muslim woman’s hijaab in front of kaafir women

What are the things that a Muslim woman may uncover in front of a kaafir woman, such as a Buddhist woman for example? Is it true that she is not allowed to uncover her face?

Praise be to Allah.  The correct view is that a woman may uncover what is above the navel and what is below the knees in front of another woman, whether she is a Muslim or a kaafir. As for the area between the navel and the knees, this is 'awrah and is to be covered in front of everyone. ... Continue Reading

Other misconceptions about women in Islam – II

Part One: Misconceptions about women in Islam - I



Islam considers marriage a basis for the Islamic family, since it develops bonds of love and caring and a secure atmosphere for the growth and progress of the human race. This, in turn, produces a sound society. This is why the Prophet, ...

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