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Causes of Marital Discord that Can Be Traced Back to the Husband

Saalih ibn Ghaanim as-Sadlaan
translated by Jamaal ad-Deen Zarabozo

The husband himself may be the cause of the woman’s disobedience and rebelliousness. For example, he may be very stingy and miserly. He may also be very emotional and excitable. He may also be someone who is ...

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Nurturing Marital Love

Marital love requires extraordinary effort from both parties if it is to last and remain vital. The real problem lies in three things. ... more

Virginity and bleeding

What should a husband do if he discovers on the wedding night that his wife is not a virgin because she did not bleed?

Sheikh Salman al-Oadah Failure to bleed on the first night is not a sign of loss of virginity, nor is it recognized as such in Islamic Law. There are numerous reasons why a woman might not bleed. A percentage of women do not bleed at all. Some women bleed ever so slightly that it avoids ... Continue Reading

An ode to my Sisters

To every sister who has been outraged by misogyny, this article is for you. ... more

Men are the Protectors and Maintainers of Women

What does it mean that men are “protectors and maintainers” of women? ... more

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