Category: شرح الأحاديث وبيان فقهها

The example of the Prophet, peace be upon him, in his call to his nation

calling to Allah is the mission of the Prophets, peace be upon him, and their followers ... more

The example of Islam and its rulings

Holding firm to the book of Allah is the cause of salvation against all temptations and seditions. ... more

The example of Muslims, Jews, and Christians

This Hadith is setting an example for the people to whom Moses was sent to abide by the commands and prohibitions for the rest of their lives until Allah sent Jesus, peace be upon him, who commanded them to follow him but they refused and denied the legislation with which he came. ... more

Story of the Companions of the Cave

Muslim individual should resort to Allaah The Almighty alone with Du‘aa' particularly when afflictions befall. ... more