Category: Fiqh of Purification

The Purity

This book, Purification: the Islamic Concept, explains that under Islam the concept of purification is limited to personal and physical purity, it includes purifying oneself of sin and all disobedience of God. The book then discusses the detailed rules of physical purification, including ablution, grand ablution, the removal of impurity, dry ablution, etc. ... more

What you should do in the following situations

This e-book clarify rulings concerning various issues in Fiqh like Tahaarah (purity and cleanliness), Salaah (prayer), Rulings about forgetfulness during prayer and miscellaneous rulings. ... more

What Every Muslim Must Know about Purification

A nice book covering many aspects of wudoo, ghusl, tayammum, and wiping over socks and bandages. ... more

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