Category: Contemporary Islamic Issues

Misconceptions about Islam

A short pamphlet addressing some of the common misconceptions about Islam. ... more

Islam in Concept

This book explaines (in general) the concept of Islam in simple phrases especially for non -muslims. Also explains the concept of some terms related to Islam like, Almighty Allah, God, Quran, Muhammad, Jesus, life after death, moral system in Islam, worship in Islam, prophethood, Human rights in Islam, Status of woman in Islam, Prayer, fasting, Pilgrimage and much more ... ... more

Romance in Islam

This book, Romance in Islam, highlights the great importance Islam attaches to love. It shows that the love of God is the best and most noble love and when it is rooted in a person’s heart, it sets that person’s behaviour on the right footing, elevates his emotions and feelings and removes selfishness. ... more

The Message of Islam

This book, The Message of Islam, begins by asserting the important fact that the faith of Islam, its worship, rules governing people’s transactions and all its teachings have remained the same as they were taught by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) over fourteen hundred years ago. No change or alteration has ever been introduced into them and any deviations from the message that have arisen are because it is Muslims themselves who have changed. Therefore, when individual Muslims commit deeds that Islam prohibits their actions do not reflect Islam. ... more

Islam is the Regligion of Peace

Islam: the Religion of Peace, shows with clarity that Islam is the religion of perfect peace and that the spread of Islam means the spread of peace throughout the world. Muslims must always be true to their promises and covenants and must treat others with justice and com passion, particularly those who are weak and vulnerable. ... more

Human Rights in Islam

This book, Human Rights in Islam, sheds ample light on the question of human rights in Islam. These rights, as outlined in the Qur’an and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), aim to teach man to lead a life of compassion and dignity, so that he acquires good qualities and deals with others in the best manner. ... more

Islamic Perspective on Sex

This book, The Islamic Perspective on Sex, discusses the Islamic approach to sex and how to satisfy sexual desires in the proper and beneficial way. Indeed, when conducted in the proper and lawful manner, sex may be elevated to the rank of worship. Thus a Muslim is rewarded for it in the same manner as he or she is rewarded when doing other good deeds. ... more

Ease and Tolerance in Islam

Islam is a complete and integral Divine religion and way of life. It has a complete code of ethics for a happy life, and peaceful, tranquil life after death. ... more

Islam's Teachings

The Concept of IslamIslam's MessageIslam and the Light of BeliefIslam and Disciplining and Purifying the SoulIslam and Honoring and Preserving Human LifeIslam, Peace, and The Call for Unity Among ... more

The Only Way Out : A Guide For Truth Seekers

Confusion and Deviation The Quest for Truth Islam, Science, Creation, and the Human Origin   ... more

AL’I’TIBBA’A (following) and The Principles of Fiqh of the Righteous Predecessors

This book is an English translation of the book ‘Al‘I’tibaa’a and the Principles of ‘Fiqh’ of the Righteous Predecessors’ by the great noble scholar, professor sheikh Wasiullah ibn Muhammad Abaas, may Allah preserve him and raise his status in this world and the next. Written by: Wasiyyollah ibn Muhammad ‘Abbaas ... more

The Moderate Religion

This compilation was adapted from the third section of a Ph.D thesis which was published under the title ‘Wasatiyyah ahl Sunnah bayna al Firaq’ (Moderation of Ahl- Sunnah between the Sects) by Dr. Muhammad Ba’kareem Muhammad Ba’Abdullah, a professor in the Islamic University of Madinah, KSA. I translated some of the third section of the book entitled ‘Moderation of the Muslims between extremism and negligence. ... more

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