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Dawah in History

From an Islamic perspective, there is absolutely no compulsion on people to embrace it. People have always entered Islam willingly. The historical presence of non-Muslim minorities living among Muslims is evidence of tolerance in Islam. ... more

By the time...Part 1

As the year has just started, reviewing our achievements during the year and the level of productivity, most of us will feel that they missed a few things and believed it could’ve been better if it had been planned well... ... more

Madaya: people are starving to death

The town of Madaya is surrounded by landmines planted by the Syrian regime, the thing that makes it difficult for people to search for food in the surrounding areas. ... more

10 Reasons Why Islam is the Religion of Truth

When Islam started in Mecca, it was the prophet Mohammed by himself. A one man religion. He was exposed to punishments and oppression. The people who first entered Islam were weak and also were oppressed and tortured by the pagans of Mecca (their relatives). Forward 23 years later to see the transformation of these uneducated powerless individuals to the most powerful ones and to control the world. ... more

Living in the Age of Email Forwards

Ust. Imtiyaz Damiel

The advent of modern technology has provided an unprecedented platform for individuals and groups to manufacture and spread false information about Islam at a large scale. This phenomenon is carried out by both, people who are members of the faith and others who are ...

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The Celebrity Scholar Complex

But not only is it detrimental to our religion, it is completely contradictory to the teachings of Islam. ... more

Interaction between Men and Women on the Internet: Some Guidelines

The following guidelines should be observed by Muslim men and women when interacting with one another on the Internet. ... more

The Day We Lost Our Masjid

Dear brother and sister, I would like to introduce you to our friend, the Masjid. ... more

Shoora and Democracy: A Conceptual Analysis

Can a country that abides by the principle of shoora constrained by Islamic values be described as democratic? ... more


In researching music, references to it in the Quraan and in the sunnah of our beloved Prophet, its non-permissibility is obvious. We shall start with the verses: ... more

Why are New Muslims Leaving Islam?

Had the new Muslim been supported, been shown how to pray, been taught the foundations of Islam and given a firm foundation, been put in touch with a good group of brothers or sisters that took them under their wings and looked after them; they would have had the tools and strength of faith to deal with the tests that face most new Muslims. ... more

The effects of sin upon Individuals and upon Society

All praise is due to Allah the One in whose hands is the kingdom of the heavens and the earth. Sovereignty and praise belong to Him and He is a witness over all things. He possesses wisdom in His affairs, in His law and ability. He does as He wishes and judges as He likes and I bear witness ...

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