Ruling on Blasphemy

Ibn Al-Qayyim said, "The spirit of worship is glorification and adoration. If one of them is missing, then the whole worship is null and void. And if they are combined together with extolment for the Great Beloved, then this is the essence of Praise. And ... more

The scientific signs in Fasting the white days

The white days are the thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth of every lunar month, they were named with this name because the moon becomes full on them and the light becomes strong which makes their nights are completely luminous especially in desert, afte ... more

10 Reasons Why Islam is the Religion of Truth

When Islam started in Mecca, it was the prophet Mohammed by himself. A one man religion. He was exposed to punishments and oppression. The people who first entered Islam were weak and also were oppressed and tortured by the pagans of Mecca (their relatives). Forward 23 years later to see the transformation of these uneducated powerless individuals to the most powerful ones and to control the world. ... more

Mourning The Dead

Mourning over the dead is allowed in Islam, but there is a great difference between what is allowed Islamically and the practice of some Muslims at the present time. ... more

The Story of Prophet Hud

Many people may be surprised to learn that Muslims also believe in many of the Prophets found in Jewish and Christian traditions. Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus, amongst many others, all figure prominently in the pages of Quran. Believing in all of God's prophets and revealed Books are two of ...

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The Prophet and how he treated children

The Messenger of Allah -prayers and peace of Allah be upon him- concluded that the best way to approach children is through specific planned disciplinary manners. Based on different aspects; knowledge, experience, practice, patience and understanding. ... more

Morning and Evening Supplication

Morning and evening Supplication ... more

Was Prophet Muhammed prophesized in Hindu scriptures?

By Prof. Pandit Vaid Parkash, Translated by Mir `Abdul-Majeed

Before talking on the prophecies of Hindu sacred books about our Respective Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), I would like to emphasize that Islam is the religion that is supported by all types of logical and intuitive ...

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Description of Prophet Muhammad

Muhammad, peace be upon him, was a shy, reticent man who lived among his people with such high moral character they called him al-Amîn — the Trustworthy. ... more

What do Muslims believe about Allah?

1- He is the one God, Who has no partner.... 2- Nothing is like Him. He is the Creator, not created, nor a part of His creation.

3- He is All-Powerful, absolutely Just.

4- There is no other entity in the entire universe worthy of worship besides Him.

5- He is First, Last, ...

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‘Umar ibn Al-Khattab, Al-Fârûq

In this tour we will be in the company of the second man in Islam, after the Messenger of Allah, prayers and peace of Allah be upon him, and after Abu Bakr As-Siddîq. This is the man whose name is paired with justice and truth, strength and courage, and asceticism and godliness. His name is linked to piety, observing and fearing Allah, and crying out of fearing Him. This man is known for his intuition and intelligence, his accuracy of vision and insight, of being conscientious, and of conquering the desires of the self. ... more

What Does Islam Say About Life's Purpose?

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself these questions?.. What is the purpose of everything?, How did we get here?, What does it all mean?, What is the meaning of Life? ... more
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