Invocation for When Rain Increases and one Fears it

Rain may be more beneficial to a place than to another, in a time than in another, in a situation than in another. ... more

Some of the fruits of following the Sunnah

there are many fruits which result of following the Sunnah: ... more

Tools of a Winner!

Du`aa'(supplication) is a blessing from Allah, a tool to achieve our goals in this life and the hereafter. Allah loves it when we ask Him for anything. He is expecting us to ask Him for our needs. ... more

Some General Guidelines for Performing Dhikr


The Salaf and commentators differed about what this verse refers to, some saying that it refers to the prayers, others that it refers to supplication and others that it refers to dhikr in general. However they all agreed....
1. Performing dhikr is an action of worship, as such it is ...
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The Best Supplication is on the Day of ‘Arafa

Hajj is ‘Arafa. There is no day when Allah sets free more servants from Hellfire than on the Day of ‘Arafa. He draws near, and then praises them to the angels, saying, “What do these seek?” ... more

Glorious Jumu'ah

Glory be to Allah whom have distinguished Jumu’ah from the rest of the days in the world and hereafter and favored it by giving it a high rank making Muslims attentive and interested in it to the extent some of the pious considered it as an Eid ... more

Morning and Evening Supplication

Morning and evening Supplication ... more

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