Supporting Our Prophet Muhammad

100 Ways We Can Support Our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) ... more

Implication of Sunnah & caution against Innovation

It is not permissible to celebrate the birthday of the Messenger صلى الله عليه وسلم or somebody else. In fact, it must be stopped, as it is an innovation in the religion. ... more

Islamic Sources: Quran and Sunnah (part 2 of 2)

The religion of Islam is based upon the Quran (the Word of God) and the Sunnah (teachings and attributes of Prophet Muhammad). Part 2: Sunnah: The Secondary Source of Islam ... more


Our failure to properly describe the greatness of the Messenger of Allah stems from our own incapacity to grasp the different aspects of it, and properly express what we believe about his character. The following are glimpses of his character and preaching that show how he was a mercy for all existences, sent by their Lord, the Most Merciful. ... more

Description of Prophet Muhammad

Muhammad, peace be upon him, was a shy, reticent man who lived among his people with such high moral character they called him al-Amîn — the Trustworthy. ... more

The Truth about Prophet Muhammad

Loving him is following him ... more

Proofs that Muhammad was a True Prophet

Muhammad the son of Abdullah is Allah's Prophet and the Final Messenger Sent by Allah to the Inhabitants of Earth. ... more

The Jews' attempts to kill the Prophet

The Jews' attempts to kill the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) ... more

The Wives of the Prophet

The Prophet (peace and salutations be upon him) married more than four wives. This is one of the special rulings specific to the Prophet (peace and salutations be upon him)... ... more

The Virtues of the Seal of the Prophets

"How ugly for the Muslims to fail to know of the virtues of their Prophet, prayers and peace of Allah be upon him. It is a shame that they do not know what Allah, Glorified and Exalted, has singled him out from the miracles and honors in this worldly life and the Hereafter." ... more

Know your prophet

This article points only to hints in the biography of the chosen prophet, prayers and peace be upon him, to be as an introduction to the Muslim boys and girls and to let them have deeper studies in this eternal prophetic biography. ... more

None was dearer to me than the Messenger of Allah

A caravan departed Iraq in 394 A.H. for performing Hajj in a time of fear and scare of the Bedouins and the thieves of pilgrims. After performing Hajj, the leader of the caravan decided to return quickly to Baghdad and not to go to the Prophetic City for fear of those thieves. However,... ... more

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