Are You among Those Who Are Humbly Submissive in Prayers?

Everything has adornment and submissiveness is the adornment and glory of prayer. ... more

Sincerity is the Pearl of the Hearts

O my brother: let's stop to cure the ill souls. Let's stop to reform the cruel hearts. Let's stop to refine the low intentions. ... more

Have You Thanked Allah for His Graces?

O you, whom the sky has shaded by its stars… whom the earth has carried above its surface to play and grow. You drank from its water… ... more

O Heedless, Be careful!

How bad the way of sins is! What a loss is the outcome of it! Its committer lives in distress and its seeker lives in weariness. Its relief is a fake mirage and its misery is a true certainty. ... more

Don't be fooled by Satan

It is a battle where you fight an enemy who does not cease fighting! It is a battle where you fight an enemy who, the more he fights with you; the more he increases his knowledge about your inside and outside! ... more

What have you prepared for your death?

Say (O Muhammad peace be upon him): “Say, "For you is the appointment of a Day [when] you will not remain thereafter an hour, nor will you precede [it]." [Sabaa 34:30] ... more


it is (Death!) Destroyer of creatures... Desolator of countries... Maker of orphans... Degrader of the strong tyrants... It does not know the young... It does not distinguish between the mean and the honorable... It does not show favor for those of sublim ... more

Have you checked your heart?

This is for you; righteousness seeker: to take a new stand of self-questioning, so make sure it would be an honest stand. ... more

Have You Benefited from Your Time?

Days pass by... A night ends and a morning comes, and a morning ends and a night comes. ... more

Neighbor of the Masjid

Brother, You whose ears hear words of the Adhan from the morning till the evening: "come to prosper", have you ever contemplated these words: come to prosper? ... more

Are You Eager to Learn Your Religion?

your eagerness to learn your religion is the start of your success as you will follow a path that takes you to Paradise. ... more

Relief of the Needy

"whosoever would like that Allah saves him from the distresses of the hereafter, let he relieves or overlooks a debtor" [Reported by Muslim] ... more