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Hudaybiyah: A Victory in the Long Term

The Muslims, on the other hand, would have felt uneasy and surprised at the turn of the events. They had toiled much to reach thus far and now just when they were at walking distance from Makkah they were being turned back. Not only had they not achieved their primary aim of performing Umrah but now, if a tortured Muslim was to escape from the merciless Quraysh, that poor individual would have no sanctuary in the Muslims of Madinah. ... more

Don't be fooled by Satan

It is a battle where you fight an enemy who does not cease fighting! It is a battle where you fight an enemy who, the more he fights with you; the more he increases his knowledge about your inside and outside! ... more

The Battle with Iblis and his Soldiers

Enemies defeat not the ignorant ? Much as he defeats himself. ... more

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