Why Niqab

Since 2014-05-01

I feel comfortable knowing.. That men don’t stare at me

Why Niqab?

I wear it not in struggle

But I wear it in ease

I wear it not because I’m forced

But I wear it because I please


I’m not a ninja

Nor is it Halloween

I wear it because it is said in my deen [Quraan33:59]

I feel comfortable wearing it

I hope you see

I feel comfortable knowing

That men don’t stare at me

Im proud of being Muslim

And I want everyone to know

That wearing the niqab is the way to go


This niqab is a reminder

To watch what I say

And to watch what I do

Each and every day

Islam is about modesty

Hijab is how to score

Hijab is a great Jihad

But the Niqab is something more

I don’t need to conform

To modern society

With all its inappropriateness

And its lack of piety


All in all

I enjoy being asked

Why I wear this veil

Allah has guided me

For I strive not to fail [Quran 1:6]

Students in the classroom want to know

Why I wear this in school

Once I tell them the reason

They are very accepting and cool


They gain confidence in themselves

And are hesitant to make judgment

Concerning how people dress

Knowing everyone is different [Quran 49:13]

Once it is clear to others

Why the niqab is important

People will see you as you

And will make no further judgment


All you need is strength

And belief in Allah

And that he will make this life easy

If you focus on the Akhirah (hereafter)


Ustadah Khadija Basith

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