The Danger of the Work of Women

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Sayings and Confessions about the Danger of the Work of Women


Sayings and Confessions about the Danger of the Work of Women

All the praises and thanks be to Allah. Prayers and peace of Allah be upon the master of the Prophets, and upon all his family and companions.
The shouts of Westerners and many others of the work of women have increased, and from this:
-What Dr. Sullivan declared by saying, “The real reason of all the vices of Europe and its rapid dissoluteness is the negligence of women of the familial affairs. This is in addition to performing the jobs which suit men only in factories, laboratories, and offices side by side.
- Dr. Ida Ellen, the American social expert, said, “The experiments proved that a mother should stay at her home, and bring up her children. The reason of the big difference between the moral level of this generation and that of the previous one is that the mother has deserted her house and neglected her child leaving him to those who cannot bring him well”.
- The famous writer “Annie Roared”, in her essay which was published in “the Eastern Mail” newspaper, issue 10th May, 1901, said, “It is better and less disastrous for our girls to work in their houses as maids or the like of them than to work in laboratories. There, the girl is defiled by kinds of dirt, which eliminate the beauty of her life forever. I wish that our countries were like the Muslim countries where chastity, modesty, and purity are found. Indeed, it is a shame on England that it makes its girls an example of vices through their intermixing with men. Why should not we seek to make the girl work at what suits her nature? Why do we not let her work in the house and leave the jobs of men to them only for the safety of her honor?
Meditate on the words of this woman that were said a century ago. See how the condition of the western woman these days is much worse than what she was talking about.
- A female professor in one of the universities in Britain said when she bid farewell to her students after submitting her resignation, “Here I am, sixty years old. I have held the highest ranks, succeeded, and achieved progress in all the years of my life. In addition, I have achieved a great career in the sight of society, however, the question is: am I happy after I achieved all of this success? Actually, no. Verily, the only work of woman is to marry and to set up a family and any effort that she exerts for something other than that will have no value in her own life.
Indeed, the real reason of all the vices in Europe and the rapid dissolution is the negligence of women of the familial domestic affairs.
-  Under the title (The era of the super woman has passed), the British newspapers described what some famous women did. They decided to go back to their nature and preferred motherhood and femininity to highly paid jobs which bring millions. For example, “Brenda Barnes”, the Executive manager of Pepsi Cola Company, decided to give up her job and her annual salary that is estimated by two million dollars. She had reached the conviction that the comfort of her husband and of her three children was more important than the job and the millions of dollars. She decided that her house is the natural place that suits her nature and disposition. Before the manager of PEPSI, “Beni Hagness”, the CEO of Coca-Cola in the United Kingdom, had taken the same decision. She wanted to have a baby and to become a mother. Another example is “Linda Kesly”, the editor- in- chief of (Elle) magazine which is known for its support of the work of women. She followed their example, and so did many other women who were occupying senior ranks and receiving high salaries. “Brenda Barnes” has raised a trend when she declared, “I did not leave my work because my children are in need of me; rather, I am in need of them.
Do some of our women read this? Our women who want to imitate the western women in their attitude. Will they decrease their insistence on work and leaving their homes, despite the fact that they are not the managers of Pepsi-Cola or Coca-Cola?
-  One of the academic social associations has conducted a new survey. It included samples of men and women from 20 U.S. States. The survey found out that eighty percent of the American women prefer to stay at home in order to take care of their children and family.
-  The results of the social studies of the National European Institute for Researches and Statistics confirmed that the Italian woman prefers to be a housewife than to achieve any success in her work. In addition, the results of the researches, which were conducted in five European countries (Italy, France, Britain, Germany, and Spain), declared that the Italian woman is happier and more optimistic to serve her family than her promotion in work or achieving the rank of minister, ambassador, or a president of a bank. Moreover, they prefer to be good mothers than to be successful working women. The studies stated that the working woman in Italy considers the work as merely a mean of earning livelihood. At the first occasion of family meeting or when her husband can spend on the family, she rejects the job. About thirty- six percent of working women in Italy declared that they perform jobs less than their efficiency; therefore, they are afraid of staying away from work, whereas the percentage of this kind of women in other European countries does not exceeded nineteen percent. In addition, thirty- eight percent of them fear molestation during work and sixty- four percent produce more than the half of the annual income of the husband in the family. More than ninety-five percent of women in Italy confirmed their deep belief in the value of the family as a real basis of happiness and stability and that the insistence of woman to work is some sort of escaping from family problems.
-  “Ferdinand Protzman” wrote in (the Herald Tribune) about the matter that the German woman and her being away from the jobs of the men and her tending to her home and children. He said, “Children and the kitchen are the traditional description of the position of the woman in the German community. We can describe the role of the woman in the highest ranks in the Western German Commercial Center, which is the center of the industrial and financial power in the country, by one word “She does not exist”.
- George said, “A great deal of the good administrative abilities is wasted because of the fact that women choose to be mothers or housewives. In addition, companies hesitate to promote them to a higher position because they may decide to have children and thus they leave the work”.
-  After her visit to some Eastern Muslim countries, Christine, the French lawyer, said, “I have spent seven weeks in visiting Beirut, Damascus, Amman, and Bagdad. Here I am, back in Paris. What have I found? Actually, I have found a man who goes to his work in the morning, and strives hard for it. Then, in the evening, he comes back to his wife with loaves of bread accompanied with love, kindness, and care for her and their children.
The woman in these countries has no job except bringing up the generation, taking care of her beloved man, or at least of the man who became her fate.
In the East, a woman sleeps, dreams, and achieves what she wants because her man offers her bread, love, comfort, and welfare.
Whereas in our countries, where the woman struggled for equality, what has she achieved?
Look at the woman in the West of Europe! You will find that she is not more than a commodity; man says to her, “Get up to earn your living because you demanded equality. Thus, as I go to work, you should work so that we can earn our living together.
Through working and toiling for earning her living, the woman forgets her femininity and the man forgets his partner in life. Therefore, life becomes meaningless and without a goal.
Many famous females in the world of art have expressed the extent to which the woman suffers as a result of going out of her home and being deprived of the bless of staying at home with her children.
Marilyn Monroe, the woman who is considered the most famous actress of seduction at her time, committed suicide. The detective who was investigating the case of her suicide found a letter deposited in Manhattan Bank in New York. On the cover of the letter, he found some words requesting it not to be opened before her death.
When the detective opened the letter, he found that it was written in the handwriting of Marilyn Monroe. It was directed to a girl who was seeking the advice of Monroe about the way towards being an actress.
Monroe said, in her message to the girl and to all those who look for acting in movies, “Avoid glory! Avoid everyone who deceives you by the limelight. I am the most miserable woman on earth. I could not be a mother though I prefer home and the honorable life of the family. Life with the family is the symbol of the happiness of woman, rather, the happiness of humanity.
-  The English famous scholar Samuel Smiles, who is one of the pillars of the English renaissance, said, “The system which necessitates the woman to work will result in destroying the domestic life whatever great wealth it might bring about. This is because it attacks the main structure of the house, separates the pillars of the family, tears the social ties, and takes the wife away from her husband and the children from their relatives. The work of the woman changed into a special kind, which only results in the deterioration of the morals of the woman. The real job for the woman is to manage the housework such as tiding her house, bringing up her children, economizing the means of their living along with meeting their needs. On the contrary, jobs take her away from all these duties. Thus, the houses have become in a miserable condition and the children are no longer well-mannered as they are left in negligence. In addition, love between the husband and wife died and the woman turned from being the nice wife and the charming beloved to being his partner in work and hardships. She became subjected to the influences which often obliterate matters such as intellectual modesty, showing affection to her husband and morals which are the bases of virtue.
-  Lagos Weekly Record Newspapers published a record reported from London Newspaper saying, “The major disaster lies in the woman leaving her home to perform the jobs of men. This case results in increasing the number of women who are straying from their families, and the number of illegitimate children. Thus, they become a burden and disgrace for the society. The competition of women against men in the work field will lead us to destruction. Have not you seen that the state on which she was created indicates that she has duties which are not imposed on man and that he has other duties which are not imposed on her?
-  A new study has affirmed an old concept. It is that the man becomes happier if his wife settled at home. The study states that the job position of the man is a more important element leading to depression than what was thought before. However, the man whose wife does not work is less subjected to depression. A team of the psychiatric division in Queen Mary College in London has come to the conclusion that the middle-aged man whose wife works for limited hours or stays at home to take care of the family is less subjected to depression compared with other men whose wives have a full-time job.
Moreover, when the wife gives up taking care of her family and works as a full-timer, her husband will be more subjected to depression than others will. The project is a part of a long study for detecting the reason for the increasing of the mental diseases for men who occupy low-ranked job positions compared to their colleagues who occupy higher positions.
-  Professor Stephens Stansfield, the project leader, said, “We try to understand if the job and the social life explain the relationship between the various job positions and depression. In addition, we investigate the importance of the various types of stress and the relationship between social support and depression.
Researchers concluded that the person who occupies a high job position, whether male or female, has a lot of financial and social resources which directly contribute to the level of his life and will help him overcome depression and stress. The extent to which the person controls his job, the available chances for making use of his skills, and the variation of his work play an important role in explaining the reason of the increase of suffering from depression for the employees who occupy junior positions in comparison with their colleagues who occupy higher positions.
-  Dr. Vicky Katil who participated in the study said, “The social networks are very important. The wife who chooses not to work and prefers keeping at home has a major role in holding the responsibility of the family and developing the social ties.
Among the other elements, which increase the depression of those who have junior positions, is the depression they feel because they are not promoted in their work or they feel the increase of the burden of the requirements at the time when they are not given freedom of choice concerning such requirements.
Moreover, the study discovered that the females are more liable to depression whether they occupy junior or average job positions. This is because they do not have complete control over the environment surrounding them whether at work or at home. As for man, when he is in the average job positions and where he does not have enough power, he will be more liable to depression and the same case for the man who occupies high or average position but he feels that he cannot control matters at his home.
Professor Stansfield added, “We have also reached the conclusion that the women whose husbands lose their jobs are more liable to depression. On the other hand, they are not influenced if their husbands retired.” (BBC)
Arab sayings and admissions
Subhî Ismâ’îl wrote in Kuwaiti Politics Newspaper, “She has liveliness, activeness and ambition which many men do not have as their ambition has stopped at having the bachelor’s degree and getting a job. On the contrary, she went ahead towards her scholarly way successfully in order to continue by having her M.A. then her PHD.” Stressed by Manâhil As-Sarâf, a graduate of Philosophy
However, the surprise is her certainty that a woman is not prepared for political work. The presence of the woman at home is necessary for her husband who is in need for her after coming back after work. In addition, the children are in need for her to bring them up and to take care of them. I always mention that the current status is erroneous. It is not reasonable that the woman sacrifices her children for the sake of anything whatever that thing is. There are no gains that equal losing her children and her home. If the woman could not love her kingdom and her subjects who are part of her, how can we trust her managing our interests?
As-Sarrâf continues saying, “It is possible for a woman to have the right to vote in order to choose who can represent her in taking care of her matters, and then she leaves the conduct of her affairs to men. This is because her existence in the council with responsibilities of the representative may deprive her of her femininity and privacy even if she is not married. I think those who call for the rights of women are not more than searchers for fame, and they should ask themselves if they have the ability to give or not, before talking about candidacy. In addition, they should be truthful in their answer, which, without any doubt, will be in the negative. The responsibility is greater than being held by a woman. This is not belittling the status of women, but this is because women are not created for this role; rather, they are created for greater ones.
As-Sarrâf added that if she had the right to vote, she will not vote for a woman whoever she is, but she (Al-Sarraf) will vote for a man. This situation is not against women; rather, it is in her favor because “I need the woman to remain at her home, and I hope that I will not be accused by being old-fashioned or narrow-minded. I hope that women accept the opinion of others. That is because I need her as an affectionate wife and a merciful mother who takes care of her family. Women should search through their associations for solutions for the problems of society.” As-Sarrâf whispers in the ears of female political activists that the way is still long and there are important roles for women that they can do. A woman should search for solutions for her problems and does not waste her time in Parliamentary debates that may or may not be taken into consideration.
-  This is the famous novelist, Ihsân ‘Abdul- Qudûs, who flooded the literary market with his novels which called woman for going out, intermixing with men, and dancing with them in parties and clubs. In his interview with the Kuwaiti newspaper “Al- ‘Anba’” in its issue published on 18/1/1989, he said, “I never wished to marry a working woman. I have been known by this. I have initially realized the serious responsibility of the house for women.
-  Laila Al- ‘Uthmân says, “There is no problem to be a working woman to serve outside the scale of the family but –O Allah be a Witness– my house is the first priority then my house then my house and at last comes the other world.
Prayers and peace of Allah be upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon all his family and companions.


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