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Women in Islam

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Common Mistakes Made by Women

Today the enemies of Islam, rather the enemies of humanity, from among the disbelievers, hypocrites and those who have diseased hearts are infuriated by the dignity, honor and protection that the Muslim woman enjoys under Islam. They realized that the reform or corruption of society is hinged on the righteousness or corruption of the woman. So, they made a goal to corrupt the woman and drive her from her home to participate in man’s work side by side. They made the woman a tool for destruction and a rope to trap those who have weak faith and errant desires. ... more

Women In Islam

This book, Women in Islam, begins by shedding light on the status of women prior to Islam. It explains that women were ill-treated and humiliated in many cultures. Indeed, in some societies, women were considered the property of men and could be bought, sold and inherited. Women were generally treated as inferior to men and some communities even blamed women for the misfortune and shame that might befall their families. ... more

Women's Rights: A Historical Perspective

A. Women in the Teachings of HinduismB. Women in the Old Testament C. Women in the Teachings of Christianity D. Women in Contemporary Times E. Islamic View of WomenF. Western Women Accepting Islam ... more

Guarding Virtue

Book Topics: The Necessity of Belief in the Differences between Man and WomanGeneral VeilSpecial VeilWomen Staying in Houses is Legal DutyMixing between Men and Women is Prohibited in Islamic Law ... more

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