The more we know, the more we love - Fruits of acquiring knowledge about Allah (2)

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Today Insha'Allah we will talk about some of the fruits of acquiring the knowledge about Allah (S.W.T).

* Human beings are created in a certain format, we have the ability to absorb information, and this information that we absorb some of it gives rise to a power, to a motivation, to something that is translated into action, so this is seemingly static knowledge but sometime it has a very powerful dynamic impact and this is something very typical of The Names and Attributes of Allah (S.W.T), the Names and Attributes of Allah (S.W.T) are identical with the way our hearts are created, so once these Names and Attributes are absorbed and understood well they can give you a powerful motivation and a strong will to change the world to something that is definitely better than what it is today and better than any other human plan for the world.
* The Names and The Attributes of Allah (S.W.T) make you a stronger person, a more dedicated person, they open your eyes to so many beauties within your creation so you get to know yourself more and you get to use the gifts that Allah Has given you to something constructive, to something good, and this is what we will try to do Insha'Allah in this series.
* Knowledge of Allah (S.W.T) gives us happiness, Imam Ibn Al Qayyim said: “The heart is created to absorb knowledge about Allah.” This is why the heart was created in the first place, it absorbs knowledge about Allah (S.W.T), so once you know something about Allah (S.W.T) your heart is receptacle, it receives that with eagerness, with thirst, and it just falls on it like water, so once your heart absorbs this knowledge it leaves a powerful impact, and it gives true happiness in your heart, this is why Imam Ibn Al Qayyim said: “The hearts were created to get to know Allah, to move towards Allah, to love Allah, to dedicate themselves, the human being, and everything in life to Allah (S.W.T).” So once the heart is used for that purpose it finds happiness, but if you use the heart for something else you are not going to find happiness, you are definitely going to find misery and this is the story of the lives of so many people around us in the world, despite the money and wealth they have, despite the fame, despite everything they own, they haven't found happiness.
* Knowledge of The Names and Attributes of Allah (S.W.T) gives us the sense of feeling of the presence of Allah (S.W.T), and that He watches us, that He hears us, and that He knows about us, and once you have this feeling it removes all loneliness from your heart.
* A practical advice:
When you recite The Qur'an focus on The Names and The Attributes of Allah and what is the impact they can have on your heart, try to figure out what Allah (S.W.T) is trying to tell you about Himself in these verses, this will change drastically the way you recite The Qur'an and will make it a very enjoyable act of worship.
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